Ray Tapajna
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Editor and Artist at Tapsearch Com sites . Search under tapsearch com, tapsearcher, ray tapajna, arklineart toonpool and/or tapsearcher twitter for thousands of resources and references. Search under tapsearch totally free for all the unlimited free services sites. Bio at http://tapsearch.com/about-ray-tapajna or see New York League Babe Ruth page at http://tapsearch.com/tapartnews/id18.html Main free site is at http://tapsearch.com Main advocacy sites are at http://tapsearch.com/tapartnews http://tapsearch.com/flatworld http://tapsearch.com/communications-by-rank or see summary of sites at http://multiurl.com/la/ray-tapajna-tapsearcher Mobile user friendly version of main site at http://tapsearchnewmobile.filetap.com View art at http://arklineart.fotopages.com or http://toonpool.com/artists/arklineart_6996 For Lakewood Ohio references, search under tapsearcher lakewood ohio.
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