Would You Spend $1,000 on a Glass of ‘Cool-Aid?’

That was the asking price for one Lakewood man who set up a table on his parents’ front lawn to raise money for his medical bills.

A 43-year-old Lakewood man spent Sunday afternoon selling “Cool-Aid” from the front yard of his parents Manor Park Avenue home.

But he was charging $1,000 per cup.

Tobin Northrup needs some help paying his medical bills, stemming from a few bouts with pancreatitis, reported Fox 8.

So he set up what he called a "Cool-Aid" stand.

He didn’t have any takers, but some neighbors bargained down to a couple of bucks — despite his buy-one, get-one-free campaign. 

Northrup told Fox 8 that he’d have to sell about 38 cups at full price to pay off his medical bills.

Although times are tough for lots of folks, we thought we’d ask anyway: Would you pay $1,000 for a cup of “Cool-Aid?”

MorganM. May 21, 2012 at 08:26 PM
I'd be a heck of a lot more likely to buy a cup at a few dollars and try to encourage the whole community to help out than spend 1000 dollars on a cup. He should lower the price immensely and look to get more people buying cups than hoping for 38 people willing to spend 1000. He isn't the only one struggling to get by!


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