Upcyled Bird Houses are a Big ‘Thank You’ to Relay Supporters

Several signs posted around the track at Lakewood Stadium for last month’s Relay for Life were headed for the trash. Then, they got a second chance.

Sometimes, it’s all about second chances.

Several signs posted around the track at for last month’s were headed for the trash. 

The signs, thanking sponsors of the event’s Survivor Dinner, were pulled up and reused instead.

Donna Witmer, the owner of , herself a cancer survivor, had "street spam" signs upcycled into bird houses by Keeping Mother Nature Green (KMG) artists Jerry and Elaine Slea.

"Rather than dispose of them, we had them turned into bird houses," she said. 

Witmer, who sells similar bird houses at her Detroit Avenue store, presented the sponsors with their own personalized bird house.

These ones weren’t for sale. 

On Monday, Witmer presented Adam Carroll, the owner of Zappitelli's on Madison, with an upcycled bird house bearing the name of his business.

Carroll said he's got the perfect spot for it in the front window.

In addition to , the other businesses receiving a bird house are: the , , , , Karen King Catering and .

Chris July 10, 2012 at 11:55 AM
Way to go Donna! That is a great idea :)
Pat Ballasch July 10, 2012 at 01:56 PM
Well done. Conservation is a funny thing. I cringed when Al Gore was pitching his conservation message in his book & movie by globe trotting around the world. The message was important but teleconferencing would have been a better way to be consistent with the message. I was reminded of an old bumper sticker "You can't kill for peace". There's something to be said for consistency.
SHAWN WITMER July 10, 2012 at 06:31 PM
Bravo Donna & Paula > good people, good cause, good use (and reuse) of resources! Kudos to Adam for stepping up to provide pizza for the Lakewood Alive Relay team. People like you are the reason I like Lakewood so much :+)


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