St. Edward's Urbas Gets State Wrestling Honors

Longtime Eagles coach set to be inducted into the Ohio High School Wrestling Coaches Association’s Hall of Fame.

Greg Urbas took over as wrestling coach in 1989, following the untimely death of his predecessor, Howard Ferguson.

More than 22 years and 15 state championships later, Urbas is one of three people in the state who will be inducted in the Ohio High School Wrestling Coaches Association’s Hall of Fame this season.

It’s been quite a career for Urbas, who, before taking the head coach post, was Ferguson’s assistant coach for 11 years.

“I am very thankful to have had the opportunities to be associated with St. Edward High School as a teacher and a coach,” he said. “I feel very blessed.”

Urbas is expected to officially get the honor at the in March — where he hopes to have at least a few grapplers representing the school. 

“We hope we can stay healthy,” he said, noting that many of the starters are returning. 

When he talks about the Hall of Fame honors, Urbas points to others who have helped make his career a success.

“It’s all about the coaching staff and the kids, not me,” he said. “I am being very honest.”

“It’s a great honor for St. Edward High School.”


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