Lakewood City Council Eyes Investments in Basketball Courts

Among them are increased supervision, a drinking fountain, better access and improved community policing.

After the new basketball court was installed at Lakewood Park last year, city council is now considering a game-plan that includes a few upgrades.

Among them are increased supervision, better access and improved community policing.

Tom Bullock and Monique Smith penned a letter to fellow council members, encouraging a discussion on outdoor basketball in Lakewood.

“After a long winter spring is finally here, and with it, a significant increase in residents and visitor using our parks, including a popular new facility, the recently installed basketball courts near the skate park at Lakewood Park,” said Bullock and Smith.

“I think this is a worthwhile investment,” Bullock told council last Monday. “I think it’s important to prioritize this.”

The letter to council requests and “strongly” recommends a few steps, including:

  • Immediately allocating a “dedicated staff resource” to provide daily supervision.
  • Enhance community policing methods “related to youth activities, as requested by the Lakewood Outdoor Basketball Committee." That includes regular patrol to “interact and become familiar” with kids at the park.
  • Building a new fence
  • Installing “rules of the court” signs
  • Exploring a “residents only” policy
  • Installing a drinking fountain
  • Arrange for better access
  • Installing benches, designed to support waiting players, while discouraging loitering 

“We believe these steps are necessary for maintaining a safe and family-appropriate setting for the basketball/skate park are of Lakewood Park and we request the administration’s partnership,” according to the letter from Bullock and Smith.

The communication goes on to note that they’d like to introduce legislation that would implement the proposal.

Ward 4 councilwoman Mary Louise Madigan, said while she supports the idea, she’d like to see some talk of improvements at “all the city’s parks.”

The effort to get basketball hoops back in Lakewood hasn't been a slam-dunk. Hoops started coming down around Lakewood several years ago, with the last public court removed in 2007.

A pilot program at Kauffman Park — largely considered a success — paved the way for the new half-courts at Lakewood Park last year.

Council is expected to consider the new proposal again at next week’s city council meeting.

Steve May 14, 2013 at 06:17 PM
Excuse me if I am wrong, but isn't this the same council that dismantled the hoops in lakewood in the first place? Don't get me wrong as I spent many a summer at Roosevelt playing hoops back in the 70's. We were the team to beat, 5 on 5. Now they want to bring it all back? Their logic for taking it away in the first place is the same logic they use to keep pit bull types out of lakewood. Keep out the bad seeds! Guess it didn't work. But they(council) still will not address the discrimination on certain breeds of dogs. Boy, that makes sense. Good owners are considered the same as bad owners, even when there is no problem. Cleveland shelters have a 44% population of pit mixes, yet WE are told not to rescue them, as thats the law. I find no logic in this and I am truly ashamed that WE allow them to DISCRIMINATE. They want to play the home rule card and allow discrimination to keep certain people out of this city. Didn't work then and it certainly doesn't work now. Tell City Council to stop ALL discrimination in this great city now. Good owners have good pets, always been that way here, and it won't change because of a few stubborn councilman, that just keep bringing up the one card, safety first.
Bob Bellamy May 14, 2013 at 06:42 PM
Amen Steve!
The original Bill May 14, 2013 at 09:33 PM
Who exactly is going to pay for this "dedicated staff resource" for daily supervision? If they are going to hire somebody for that they better think about charging admission because I don't think my tax dollars should pay for it.
Steve May 14, 2013 at 09:56 PM
You are so right Bill. But on the other hand we do pay for Animal Control. Count how many times you drive past a person with a dog off leash, don't have a baggie in their hand for clean-up, off leash in the public parks. These are also laws, but never seem to get enforced. And where exactly did the money go that was left to the animal shelter by a Womans estate??? No one has a clue, even the Patch. SMH. We will all pay for this the same as We all pay for Animal Control, aka. police department, just to watch the money disappear. Correct me if I am wrong, PLEASE.


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