Tuberculosis Case Confirmed at West Shore Tech in Lakewood

The same case was reported in the Westlake High School community.

Someone at , at , has tested positive for tuberculosis.

But officials aren’t saying whether it was a teacher or a student.

MetroHealth spokesperson Christina Karas said it is the on Thursday.

“We can’t really give any more details out,” said Christine Gordillo, spokeswoman for the Lakewood School District. “I don’t have any information at this time that it is spreading."

According to a press release, the received the information late Thursday, by the Cuyahoga County Tuberculosis Program. 

The case was confirmed through the TB Clinic at MetroHealth Medical Center. 

The person was diagnosed over winter break and has not returned to school, according to the release.

Experts at the TB Clinic have advised the risk is extremely low to our West Shore community and that the school does not need to close, according to the release. Of those few individuals who may have been exposed, the risk remains extremely low. The TB Clinic will be in contact with these individuals.

Gordillo said the district is working in cooperation with the TB Clinic, which has advised against the need for general testing in our community. 

For more information, call the Cuyahoga County TB Program at 216-778-8083.


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