School Board OKs Pay Freeze for Administration

Move brings the district in line with pay freezes and insurance cost increases along with the rest of the teachers and staff in the district.

As part of the , the teachers and staff took a 0 percent pay raise for the 2013-14 school year.

They also agreed to increase their health care insurance costs by 5 percent.

Now, the administration will follow suit.

On Monday, the approved a new “Leadership Team Package” which will freeze pay increases for administrators, and will boost the health care payments from 10 to 15 percent.

In a district-wide effort to make up for a looming in the budget, Superintendent Jeff Patterson renegotiated the contract with the teachers’ union.

“I’d like everybody to know that every employee in this district is taking a zero percent pay (raise) and increasing their health care by 15 percent,” said board member Linda Beebe. “And this board is very appreciative of that.”

The board also agreed to the same pay freeze and benefit package for non-represented employees. Following Monday’s vote, all five types of employees in the district will now have a pay freeze in 2013-14.

Board vice president Ed Favre said that Monday’s vote brings the district “in line” with the Ohio Department of Education’s recent recommendations.

“As of tonight, every Lakewood school employee now has the same (package),” he said.

The board was unanimous in its vote, although board president Betsy Shaughnessy and board member Tom Einhouse were absent.

Chris Olsen July 10, 2012 at 02:48 PM
I am in complete agreement and understand the need for this action. I wonder what will happen in 2 years? Where is the money coming from to reinstate wage increases and benefits? For every action there is going to be a price to pay down the road. Can't help but be cautiously pessimistic about the future.


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