Official Results: Petrie-Barcelona Wins Third Seat on School Board

Kristine Pagsuyoin may request a recount, but she’ll have to pay for it.

The official election results are in for the race for the third seat on the .

With the 534 provisional and absentee ballots counted, has held on to her slim lead, edging out by only 81 votes.

However, the difference isn’t enough to trigger an automatic recount.

Petrie officially won the third seat on school board with her 3,846 votes to Pagsuyoin’s 3,765 votes.

According to those numbers, the race is just barely out of range for an automatic recount.

Ohio law dictates an automatic recount in municipal elections if the difference between votes cast for the declared winning candidate and the declared losing candidate is equal to or less than .5 percent of the total votes cast on the race or issue.

With the “total votes” of the remaining candidates, that leaves 29.46 percent of the votes going to Petrie-Barcelona and 28.84 percent of the vote going to Pagsuyoin — just a hair more than the required .5 percent to trigger an automatic recount.

When determining a recount, the “total votes” don’t include figures from the top vote-getters incumbent (6,236 votes) and newcomer (5,471), who were the clear winners, according to the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections.

Pagsuyoin said she will make her decision whether to file for a recount by Friday.

“If we have the money to do a recount on the entire city, that’s what will do,” she said.

The recount isn’t free. The cost is $55 for each precinct counted, according to the board of elections. Candidates can choose which wards to have recounted.

If someone wishes to request a recount, pursuant to R.C. 3515.02, the defeated candidate must file a written application requesting the recount with the appropriate election officials within five days after the board of elections certifies the official canvass of the election results.

“We’re going to look at the results, I am going to meet with t my committee and we’ll decide by Friday whether we’re going to move forward with a recount,” Pagsuyoin said. “I am disappointed, as can be expected, but I think there’s a lot to digest and I need time to digest everything.” 

She said the process has been “really positive, and it’s been humbling.”

“The process shows our strengths, but it also reveals some of our challenges,” Pagsuyoin added.

“I am really concerned about representation and who will have a voice with the board the way it is. The board will be very homogeneous, everyone’s from the same neighborhoods, and I am concerned about all the people who voted for me.”

Petrie-Barcelona said she’s looking forward to putting the election behind her, noting that she’s willing to make sure that some of her opponent’s concerned are heard.

“I would expect — as anyone on the board would — to hear some of her concerns, as I would any member of the public,” she said. “I am really looking forward to serving Lakewood in this capacity — this school system really brought me where I am today. I hope that I will be able to do a good service and I hope I can be a good listener.

As it stands, Petrie-Barcelona is set to begin her post in January.

“My goal is to be as effective member of the team as possible.”


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