School Board Taps New Director To Head Up Two Departments

Avon schools superintendent will run the district’s recreation and human resources departments.

The has found a new recreation director — one that also will run the school district's human resources department.

The board voted Monday to hire  since 1999. Reitenbach resigned from Avon schools in December.

Reitenbach will lead the , as well as its human resources department.

The recreation director's post opened after the board did not renew long-time Director Erin Fach's contract's earlier this year. The human resources job is open because Director Deb Cahoon is retiring this year.

Reitenbach will begin his new post on Aug. 1 at a salary of $113,000. 

Reitenbach has been superintendent in Avon since 1999. He retired in 2009, and was immediately rehired at a lower salary while continuing to draw his pension.

In addition to his experience as an administrator, Reitenbach also has some recreation department experience, according to his résumé, including 18 years as a basketball coach; athletic coordinator for the Elyria City Schools; and athletic director at Tiffin University.

Reitenbach said he’s looking forward to the post.

“I think this is a tremendous opportunity,” he said.

Dale Meggas May 10, 2012 at 04:43 PM
Was this job posted? It seems the time line between the decision to not renew the contract of Erin Fach and the hiring of Jim Reitenbach is pretty narrow......And it seems pretty convenient that Reitenbach will be out of work less than 24 hours, seeing that he will leave Avon Schools July 31 and begin his $113,000 job with Lakewood Aug. 1.....this doesn't pass the smell test....And the guy who was the school/rec spokesman for the decision on not renewing Fach was none other than Jim Bright, who for some reason left the job of superintendent in Mason that paid $140,000 to take an ASST. SUPERINTENDENT job in Lakewood for something like $30,000 less....it also doesn't pass the smell test.... I'm glad my kids are graduated from Lakewood schools....now the revolving door of superintendents and the jobs they land with great pay is some one else's problem....Seems funny how "superintendents," "retired superintendents," (none ARE REALLY RETIRED) and "superintendents in waiting for another job" keep stepping into 6-figure jobs while they are also able to collect their HARD EARNED RETIREMENT....And you wonder why people were voting for SB5 when things like this happen in all corners of the state.....IF you want a picture of what the good ol' boy network is, just flip to school superindentent The only good thing is this job taken by Reitenbach isn't one that he can live in San Diego and collect a check from Lakewood at the same time like some Cleveland firefighters.
Richard Krumreig May 10, 2012 at 06:56 PM
I am in complete agreement with you on this. Actually not much that the school board has done lately passes the smell test. If I am not mistaken, all of the top people for the school system will be double dippers. Funny that when the possibility of Mr Berdine double dipping came up it was a huge problem but suddenly that problem has disappeared. The other question, for me is, has the HR Director's position suddenly become a part time job? I guess that neither job now requires a full time boss. It seems unlikely that either department will be run well unless this guy is some sort of super hero.


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