LHS Horticulture Program Gets a Big Boost

Lakewood Garden Club raises more than $20,000 to help build four raised beds at high school.

Correction: The horticulture program at Lakewood High School has been in existence for more than 60 years. A previous headline indicated the program was new.

is about to get a little greener.

The Lakewood Garden Club contributed $4,000 and helped raise nearly $20,000 to build a 3,664-square-feet outdoor learning lab for the school’s horticulture program, according to a press release.

The lab, located at the high school’s visitor’s entrance, will be made up of four raised planting boxes, housing perennial flowers, shrubs and vegetables, said Christine Gordillo, communication specialist.

“They’re going to start laying the topsoil down soon, to hopefully get the program ready for the spring,” she said.

The horticulture program, launched more than 60 years ago fell on hard times until the 1990s when the Lakewood Garden Club stepped in to help.

The project is dedicated to former Lakewood Garden Club Education Committee Chairperson Mary Jo Potts, who initiated the club’s support for the garden program 10 years ago.

Potts died on Aug. 30, 2010.

Horticulture teacher Mark Rathge said Potts was pivotal in building support for the program throughout the community.

“The partnership that has been formed with the Lakewood Garden Club and LHS Horticulture has been incredible,” Rathge said. “I truly have been blessed as a teacher to have such wonderful support from this organization.  It is this partnership that has enabled this outdoor lab to come to fruition.”

See the entire release on the Lakewood City Schools website.


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