High School Principal Shares 'Critical' Safety Reminder

Dr. Bill Wagner pens a column in the Lakewood Times reminding students and staff about safety.

“One of our most important duties is to assure the safety and security of our campus for each and every one of us, every period — every day.” 

That was a part of a message that principal Bill Wagner shared with the Lakewood High School in a letter posted on the Lakewood Times last week. 

He said that recent events around the country — and locally — have emphasized the school’s need to be “more alert, visible, attentive and connected when it comes to our campus.”

Wagner also shared some tips about how students and staff can be vigilant.

“Throughout the day, it is critical that we do not prop doors open or let people in who do not work or attend school here, always keeping an eye and ear open at all times,” he said.

For more of Wagner’s message, check out the Lakewood Times.


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