Boy, 11, Brings Pellet Gun to School

Fifth-grader never took the gun out of his backpack, and didn’t threaten anyone at Harrison Elementary School, but he could still be in some trouble.

An 11-year-old boy could be in some trouble after he brought an “inoperable” pellet gun to school on Tuesday.

The fifth-grader brought the gun to Harrison Elementary School in his backpack, said police chief Timothy Malley.

When he told some of his classmates about the gun, they told the principal, and the police came to the school.

“No threats were made nor was the gun taken out of the backpack,” said Malley, adding that the large pellet gun was “inoperable.”

“The pellet gun was confiscated and the boy was turned over to school authorities.”

Malley said that detectives will be “following up” with the boy and his parents.


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