US Census Releases Population Figures: Lakewood Population Slides, But Not Too Far

City still qualifies for Community Development Block Grants federal funding.

During the last 10 years, Lakewood has lost about 4,000 residents, sliding to 52,131, according US Census data released today.

But there's still some good news for the city. Lakewood stayed just above the required 50,000-resident mark needed to remain an "Entitlement Community."

That means the city will be able to continue receiving Community Development Block Grants from the federal government.

“We are thrilled with these numbers,” said Mayor Michael P. Summers in a statement. “This is phenomenal news for Lakewood. It is a positive indicator for the health of Lakewood as a community."

In 2010, Lakewood received $2.4 million in CDBG funding — used for a number of initiatives, including park improvements, street reconstruction, commercial and vacant property revitalization.

According to a press release, CDBG grants — administered by US Department of Housing and Urban Development — also support a number of important programs conducted by community organizations including the Beck Center, Lakewood Christian Service Center, Lakewood Alive and North Coast Health Ministry. 

"In these tough economic times, losing this funding would have significantly hurt many city programs and community organizations," Summers added. "Thankfully, we will continue to receive this important federal funding for roads, parks improvements, commercial revitalization projects and much more.” 

Some big demographics changes

During the last 10 years, Cuyahoga County has lost more than 100,000 residents, according to the new data. Ohio has lost about 200,000.

Lakewood has seen quite a decline in its population. In this Census, the number of people who identified as white has shrunk from 52,723 in 2000 to 45,598 in 2010.

Meanwhile, people of every other race and ethnicity has gone up, according to the data. There are 3,340 black people, compared with 1,116 in 2000.

There was also a spike in the number of hispanics reported in the 2010 Census. There were 2,147 people who identified as Hispanic in 2010, an increase of 878 residents over the last 10 years.

See the graphs below for a comparison from 2000 to 2010.

2010 U.S. Census
Cuyahoga County
Ohio Total: 52,131 1,280,122 11,536,504 Population of one race: 50,739 1,253,386 11,298,739 White alone 45,598 814,103 9,539,437 Black or African American alone 3,340 380,198 1,407,681 American Indian and Alaska Native alone 149 2,578 25,292 Asian alone 988 32,883 192,233 Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone 9 285 4,066 Some Other Race alone 655 23,339 130,030 Two or More Races: 1,392 26,736 237,765 Hispanic or Latino (cultural designation, may be any race) 2,147 61,270 354,674 Age 18 or older (eligible to vote) 41,916 989,860 8,805,753 2000 U.S. Census
Cuyahoga CountyOhio Total: 56,646 1,393,978 11,353,140 Population of one race: 55,142 1,370,571 11,195,255 White alone 52,723 938,863 9,645,453 Black or African American alone 1,116 382,634 1,301,307 American Indian and Alaska Native alone 139 2,529 24,486 Asian alone 800 25,245 132,633 Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone 15 338 2,749 Some other race alone 349 20,962 88,627 Population of two or more races: 1,504 23,407 157,885 Hispanic or Latino (cultural designation, may be any race) 1,269 47,078 217,123 Age 18 or older (eligible to vote) 44,733 1,045,988 8,464,801


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