Tell Us What You Think About President Obama’s Gun Control Proposal

President Barack Obama presented a wide-reaching proposal for the country’s gun control policies on Wednesday.

President Barack Obama presented a comprehensive gun control proposal to the country on Wednesday, about one month after the .

The Huffington Post reports that the proposal includes four major sections, focusing on topics like law enforcement, mental health, school safety and the availability of dangerous weapons. Many of these measures would require congressional action and could cost up to $500 million. 

The president also announced more than 20 executive orders that can go into effect immediately, the New York Times reports. These include having the attorney general review the categories of people who are not allowed to have guns, reviewing safety standards for gun locks and safes and providing training on armed attacks to first responders and school officials.

Visit the New York Times for a full list

The full text of the president’s plan is available on the White House website, along with a list of the main components.

For more on the proposals—as well as what it would take for the president to get them through Congress—check out the Huffington Post article.

What do you think about this proposal? Are there parts that you support? Portions that you think go too far? Tell us in the comments. 

Patch reader February 04, 2013 at 03:04 PM
Gun Restrictions Punish the Rational and Responsible for Acts of the Irrational and Irresponsible "Legitimate laws—those that protect individual rights—do not punish law-abiding individuals for the crimes of others, nor do they restrain the psychologically healthy because of the suicidal, nor do they restrain the responsible because of the irresponsible. Regarding crime, career criminals, particularly gangsters who currently operate the black markets for drugs, are expert at acquiring and selling guns on the black market. Typically, criminals choose victims who are physically smaller and weaker than they—or they attack in gangs—so even if it were possible to deprive them of guns that would hardly deprive them of the ability to commit heinous crimes. Gun-restriction laws do, however, disarm the intended victims of criminals. And regarding irresponsible gun use, a civilized society does not ban or restrict a useful item, whether a gun, a knife, a bag of sugar, a table saw, or an automobile on the grounds that some people use the item irresponsibly. As philosopher Harry Binswanger has argued, the proper purpose of government is to protect individual rights, not to engage in some sort of utilitarian calculus that attempts to achieve some social outcome by sacrificing the rights and values of individuals." www.theobjectivestandard.com/blog/index.php/2013/01/gun-restrictions-punish-the-rational-and-responsible-for-acts-of-the-irrational-and-irresponsible/


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