Shake-Up at the Lakewood Police Department

Retirements prompt openings, changes in the upper ranks of the department.

A couple of high-level retirements at the Lakewood Police Department have meant some promotions and a couple of openings for new police officers.

Capt. Anthony Ciresi, the head of the department’s detective bureau, retired after 33 years of service. Sgt. Gary Wynalek, who joined the department at the same time, is also retiring. 

“(The retirements) created a cascade effect through the entire organization,” said Mayor Michael Summers. 

Capt. Ed Hassing, the current head of the traffic and patrol division, will now head the detective bureau.

Lt. Gary Sprague was promoted to replace him.

Sgt. Frank Scott Eschweiler was promoted to Sprague’s lieutenant post.

Capt. Gary Stone, who will remain the head of the administrative end of the department, said there are a couple of openings for new police officers.

“We hope to fill them soon,” he said. 

Summers said the department was aware of the changes well in advance.

“Chief Malley had plenty of time to think through the organizational end of things,” he said, adding that changes in the pension funds offered incentives for the early retirements.

MrTwotimes December 27, 2012 at 01:53 PM
Thanks for all your service LPD Officers, etc.


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