Power May Not be Restored in Lakewood Until Monday

The lights came back on for about 4,000 Lakewood residents on Thursday. The rest are still waiting.

The power came back on for 4,000 Lakewood residents on Thursday. 

However, there are still nearly 10,000 residents in the dark. 

And, in Lakewood, they may be waiting a few more days — some until Monday night, according to the FirstEnergy website.

There were 9,459 residents without power on Thursday night, according to an outage map. That’s down from more than . 

“We started gaining ground on Wednesday,” said Mayor Michael Summers, who spent much of the week stopping at the scenes of outages. “The biggest gains are the infrastructure repair.”

The only road that remained closed was Lake Road, between Cove and Nicholson avenues, where electric company crews set up a long row of elevated lifts to repair downed lines.

Summers expects that street to be reopened Friday morning.

“We’ll gain ground through the weekend, but there might not be power everywhere right away,” he said.

By late in the afternoon Thursday, about 4,000 residents’ power returned.

As were several Lakewood City Schools buildings that had been dark for most of the week. Classes resumed Friday.

Meanwhile, as the hours turned into days for residents without power, the American Red Cross shelter at Garfield Middle School saw more visitors.

Dennis Pell, the shelter manger for the first couple days during the outage, said there were about 75 people staying at the shelter on Wednesday night.

He expects that number to rise if the power isn’t restored. 

“We have plenty of cots and plenty of food,” he said. “We’re hoping to get the power back. We’ll be here until then.” 

Repair crews from all around the Midwest — spotted all over the city — descended on Lakewood this week.

Many of the local repair crews were dispatched to the East Coast, however Summers said that in any event, repairs could not have begun until the winds died down. 

“We have to remember that, as this storm approached mainland, they knew they would have massive problems,” Summers said.  “There was an attempt to get ahead of it, but they were vulnerable in their backyard. I am sure New Jersey appreciates our crews out there. 

“What did we lose? We may have lost eight hours. We add it all up, they are hard at work, and we’re very grateful.”

According to a statement on the website, FirstEnergy has crews working “around the clock” to restore power to all affected areas.

“The majority of Illuminating Company customers are expected to be restored by 11:59 p.m. on Monday, November 5,according to the statement.

Pattie November 03, 2012 at 03:17 PM
And the Holiday Inn downtown was offering $79 a night for those with out electric but the Holiday Inn at Crocker was still charging their regular $129. If this storm didn't happen they would have not had, had so many people they could have lowered their price
CoolFinalFan November 04, 2012 at 12:49 AM
you know some people don't even have homes to go back up in the areas that were wiped out from the storm, so be thankful at least you have a home, no power I understand! They are doing their best to restore power considering the work conditions and debris that the has to be moved so they can restore power. My parents live in Lakewood and lost power but they are senior citizens and dealing with it the best they can!! I told them to come to Myrtle Beach, SC where I'm at and it's alittle warmer than Lakewood. My thought is this dont complain! It wont do any good and these people restoring the power are working hard! A few yrs ago I went thru 3 hurricanes, and lost power for a week in the summer. I delt with it, I'm sure those complaining can deal with!
ian king November 11, 2012 at 05:38 PM
Hi Cool Final Fan - Thanks for your comments, but I believe you are missing something very important here regarding Lakewood and its antique utility system. This storm exposed deep flaws in the structure of the electrical system and response time in Lakewood. First Energy failed its customers/consumers and needs to be held accountable/responsible. Their recovery plan - if one can call it a plan - was disgraceful and brought undue hardships to thousands of citizens of Lakewood. Yes, we can all tough it out, but that isn't the point. We need to complain and complain loud and long! First Energy needs to answer: how old is Lakewood's utility system? How obsolete is it? In a time of crisis, how reliable is an outdated electrical system? Why did First Energy send crews out of state when it was predicted early on by all weather channels that Lakewood would experience a major storm? How unprepared was the management of First Energy for this crisis? If First Energy had the poles, the wires, the repair crews, and the transformers, why did it take over 6-7 days to restore power in a small town the size of Lakewood? Why should Lakewood citizens suffer economically, physically, emotionally because First Energy did not reasonably prepare for this eventuality? And how many times a year does Lakewood loose power - 2, 3 or more times? It happens in all the seasons, far too often. It is now for profit corporations like First Energy be held accountable for their bottom line operations.
Pattie November 11, 2012 at 06:33 PM
I agree whole heartedly with Ian. There was no reason I was without power from Monday evening until Sunday afternoon. I have been looking for First Energy to be responsible but all I have seen is an article, I believe on Tuesday last week, that the storm restoration was completed and if anyone lost power after that day it was not due to the storm and First Energy was done.
Pattie November 11, 2012 at 06:35 PM
It's a lot different putting up without power when the weather is warmer. My house got down to 50. I ended up sick because I stayed home thinking everyday surely our power would go on. I am not complaining about the linemen I am complaining about First Energy. I pay a lot for my power and their response time was irresponsible.


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