POLL: What’s Next for Discount Drug Mart?

The local drug store chain puts its design plans on hold while the city waits to see if a new proposal will be submitted.

It’s not yet known whether will move forward with a plan for its new location after the .

The local pharmacy chain — looking to at the site of the — has withdrawn its design proposal at the upcoming architectural board of review meeting on Thursday.

officials have told city leaders that they’ll need to examine their next move.

“They have to decide whether they’re going to pull out or come back with an amended (proposal,” said Ward 4 councilwoman Mary Louise Madigan. “I really hope they come back. Maybe they’ll build smaller, I don’t know.”

The Lakewood Planning Commission denied a few of the local pharmacy’s requests at its meeting last Thursday. 

The commission approved the lots consolidation at the site of the former Ganley Auto dealership, but denied other requests including a lot-split at the home on 1425 Grace Avenue (seeking 13.5 feet for parking).

The commission also turned down a request, that if OK'd, would have demolished an 11-unit apartment building to make way for an accessory parking lot.

The issue of a conditional use of a drive-thru at the proposed drug store was tabled.

“The planning commission did a good job talking through some very complicated issues,” Dru Siley, the city’s director of planning and development, said last week. “We’ll see where it goes from here.”

— with its — bought the property with plans to move its eastern Lakewood location to the corner of Cohassett and Detroit avenues.

Initial plans called for a red brick structure, 92 parking spaces and a drive-thru.

Those plans will need to be altered now if Discount Drug Mart looks to proceed.

Siley said he believes the drug store chain will make readjustments.

“They are pretty invested in the property,” he said.

Chris Olsen July 10, 2012 at 02:56 PM
Look, I am not an expert in politics or knowing everything about the legislative process but I do know that if people are thinking that THEY get to pick and choose which business should be allowed to go where then we are sending a very bad message to those businesses. This is not the economy for us to be so darned uppity on this. We are scaring commerce away from Lakewood. Go ahead and enjoy the empty car lot folks, get your brooms and dustpans ready to start cleaning up broken glass when kids start throwing rocks for target practice at the windows of that car lot. Right now, I wouldn't care if another drugstore or pizza shoppe goes in the spot. . At least it is a revenue building and tax paying entity. Get over yourselves already
Christina Cocchiarale Ward July 10, 2012 at 05:55 PM
Get over ourselves? Just stating what I wouldn't like to see there as I have the right to do so. Downtown Lakewood has some nice places. Why not something like Chipotle or a fancy restaurant on THIS side of town. Wow. I care. If you don't, well then, that's YOUR opinion but I've talked with many others and they feel the same as I do.
lakerockbay July 11, 2012 at 01:01 AM
We lost Marias Roman Room,lost Applebees.A micro brewery would be awesome for that part of town,giving Brothers lounge compition!But to lose DDM to Clevelands W116 old Rego location and getting a resale clothing store Value World is not progress at all!
Another Concerned Resident July 15, 2012 at 04:12 AM
You don't get it! Drug Mart OWNS the property now & they paid a whole lot more money than you'll ever see for that property. They are not about to put in a "Chipotle's" or "A Fancy Restaurant" on their dime. If you need to eat a pound of rice at one time then haul your butt up to Warren Plaza. There are way too many restaurants & bars in Lakewood already.
Christina Cocchiarale Ward July 15, 2012 at 02:21 PM
Drug Mart is SELLING their current location. It's anyone's buy. If the whole new Drug Mart goes through then the old one is for Sale. I know this as I've spoken to council members about it. If Value World or a restaurant wants to buy it then they can. And Applebee's wasn't happening 3 years ago but more recently in the past month there's been talk about them coming in again. Another Concerned Resident, what would YOU suggest around here then? Also, on a brighter note, there's a juice bar & cafe opening up over here soon!!!! I can't wait!


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