Pit Bulls (Only a Few) Allowed in Lakewood

The measure clarifies 2008 ordinance banning pit bulls, allows them to be housed in animal shelters, hospitals.

Pit bulls are still illegal in Lakewood.

But on Monday night, passed a measure that will “temporarily” allow them to be housed by veterinarians, animal hospitals and animal rescues. 

Last month, council president Brian Powers that sought to clarify the that bans the breed from the city.

About 18 pit bulls were grandfathered in when the original ban went into effect.

“We wanted to make it absolutely clear that if one of these animals are in their possession for any period of time, it’s not a violation of the law,” Powers told Lakewood Patch.

The ordinance did nothing to address signed last month by Gov. John Kasich that declassified pit bulls as dangerous and vicious animals.

“There’s a home rule issue here,” Powers said. “We can have laws as a municipality.

“I don’t know of anyone on council who wants to change that law.”

Councilwoman Monique Smith was the only member of council who voted against the measure Monday night, citing concerns about people using the amended ordinance to keep pit bulls in their homes.

Law director Kevin Butler said where pit bulls could be housed is regulated by the city’s zoning code. 

Steve March 06, 2012 at 03:22 PM
Again, you cannot fix a bad Ord. I understand that one of the grandfathered pits in 2008, last week was declaired not a pit bull at all. How many others are doomed because they cannot get this right. The city should offer DNA kits to all involved to see if there are others. The State got it right, WHY can't Lakewood? These council people need to get their heads out of the sand, and do right to good owners of(ahem) possibly pit bulls and their lookalikes, commonly known as friendly family dogs.
Nanci Scott March 06, 2012 at 03:31 PM
My daughter and her husband were kicked out of Lakewood after registering one pit bull they moved here with and then finding another running down the street in Cleveland. Even the officer that showed up after some do gooder turned the kids in, said the dogs were so friendly he couldn't understand why anyone would want them gone. The ignorant people that are allowed to make our laws just amaze me. Make an ordinance that delcares that you must not only take care of your dog but make it a safe dog and better yet, CLEAN UP after your dog. There is more danger to our children due to the mess people leave behind their dogs than dog bites by pit bulls. People amaze me when their given an ounce of power...
Jane Doe March 06, 2012 at 04:57 PM
Way to research the topic at hand Monique..of course you voted against it when you were not present for ANY of the meetings nor did you even attempt to educate yourself on exactly WHY these exemptions were being put into place.
Steve March 06, 2012 at 06:10 PM
@ Jane. Monique get educated on something very important to US citizens? I Don't think she knows what that word means. To, to busy running with the STATUS QUO, here in good old Lakewood, and you know she has a real life, because this is only a part-time gig, so WHY waste the effort to get EDUCATED on issues.
Steve March 06, 2012 at 07:18 PM
@ Monique Smith. How do you vote on something you know nothing about? Didn't research, Listen to the Pro's, or even listened to the people that elected you. Ever hear of abstaining from the VOTE???


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