New Restrictions on Garage Sales in Lakewood OK’d

Lakewood City Council puts some limits on garage and yard sales in the city.

There is now a law that in Lakewood.

Residents will only be allowed to have three garage or yard sales per year; the sales can last three consecutive days; and if a home has a backyard or a garage, that’s where the sale must take place.

approved the new ordinance Monday night after months of discussion.

However, just before the final vote, council president Brian Powers asked for a "hardship clause,” allowing exemptions to the rule. Those exceptions would be decided by the mayor on a case-by-case basis.

Council agreed with Powers and added the language into the new law.

The original proposal, , was intended to set some restrictions on the sales in the city, said Ward 1 councilman David Anderson.

“The administration pointed out that our current code is incomplete at best and that some residents have established habitual sales, which are placing stress on certain neighborhoods,” Anderson said.

“The goal is to establish a more complete policy to help residents operate successful sales and to provide a tool by which to regulate the habitual sales.” 

There have been several discussions on the matter in city council’s housing committee, where the details were ironed out.

Initially, the ordinance called for no more than two sales per year. The final ordinance allows three.

The existing code didn't have any limitations on signs advertising the sales.

The committee adopted language that allows five signs — that won’t be allowed on utility poles or front porches — measuring less than 5 square feet, that may be posted on or near the property of the sale. They must be removed within six hours of the sale.

Megan Millisor September 06, 2012 at 02:57 PM
I live in the most typical type of Lakewood residence - the double. These rules definitely present a problem for people who share living space. I share my driveway, garage and backyard. If my downstairs neighbors felt like a sale in the backyard or garage would be an intrusion of their privacy what am I left with? Also the small number of allotted signs is unfortunate. 5 signs might not even be sufficient to direct people from the main road if you don't live very close to a major thoroughfare. I do however agree that people should have to take them down within a day of the sale ending.
Christina Cocchiarale Ward September 06, 2012 at 06:00 PM
Really people? Regulations on signs? The meeting before last I was not aware about and informed that nobody from the public was there. I WOULD have come had I known. And I know of others who would have too. Tuesday's meeting I was told was just going to be for voting. Again, if I could've gone and said something to make a difference I am going to be ticked off BIG time. Back yards they can stuff it. I don't care who reads this. And not having signs on my porch? You're kidding, right? It's MY house. I pay for taxes. I can't hang a sign if I wanted to???? Give. Me. A. Break, Lakewood. Absurdity at its best. I am so upset abt this. But people will do what they want and I want to see city officials running around trying to catch all the people doing it the wrong way.
Christina Cocchiarale Ward September 06, 2012 at 06:06 PM
Sales in the backyard is ridiculous. It apparently fell on deaf ears at the ORIGINAL meeting. I tried telling them it's what attracts people the most is having what they have to sell displayed from street level. Some people don't WANT to go in backyards. And the ones that do, fine. Do what you want. I personally feel more comfortable going into someone's FRONT yard vs. the back. And chances are the yard sales profits will go down because of this, because many people that I know, at least, will not bother venturing out of their car into a backyard to look at stuff. People would rather drive by and actually SEE what's for sale. Come on. And no signs on porch? Yeah. Right.
Tfacey September 09, 2012 at 01:08 PM
Lakewood city council hates its residents and are COMPLETELY out of touch... its becoming more and more apparent to me, anyhow. #headuptheass
ehud mumar September 18, 2012 at 11:14 PM
this is great, a crazy guy and his wife a few houses down from me on ridgewood ave have week long garage sales (if you call selling 13 junky items a 'garage sale')..our street is not zoned to be commercial. they are curently having ANOTHER one, but last time they had one i had to watch several times the lady come out of her garage (where she thought no one could see ??????) to pick her crotch and smell her fingers EEEWWW .. gross..i have kids, lady..go back inside to do that !! ahahahaha


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