McDonald's, Detroit Theatre Debate Continues

Lakewood Patch is paying close attention to a proposal that would demolish the 87-year-old Detroit Theatre to make way for McDonald's.

Fast-food giant McDonald’s is eyeing a move that would demolish the nearly 90-year-old Detroit Theatre and plant the Golden Arches in its place.

Patch is continuing to provide readers coverage of the issue.

We’ve been covering the news since the Detroit Theatre closed its doors in January. And we’ve been hot on the story as McDonald’s continues its quest to move its Sloane Avenue location to Detroit Avenue.

Here are just a few of the stories live on the site:

Check back for more stories as Lakewood Patch continues to cover this issue. Email editor Colin McEwen at colin.mcewen@patch.com to submit letters to the editor on the topic or join in the comment discussion on the site.


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