Madison Avenue Traffic Signal Project Slated

The estimated $2.5 million project to upgrade the traffic signals on Madison Avenue — a project not unlike last summer’s Detroit Avenue project — could begin in 2014.

Green means go and red means stop. 

City council began an effort to proceed with caution — and some questions — during its preliminary discussion about the proposed traffic signalization project on Madison Avenue.

The estimated $2.5 million plan to upgrade the traffic signals on Madison Avenue — a project not unlike last summer’s undertaking on Detroit Avenue — is expected to begin in 2014.

Based on a recent traffic study, five of the 20 traffic signals on Madison Avenue are “unwarranted,” meaning that they would be removed unless Lakewood paid 100 percent of the local share to keep them.

“People will wonder why their streets will not get one, and their neighbors will,” said Shawn Juris, Ward 3 councilman and the chairman of the public works committee. “If we can help connect the dots, I think that would be good.” 

The traffic study was based on traffic counts and proximity to schools, said Bill Corrigan, the city’s division manager of engineering.

The traffic signals rated “unwarranted” are at Morrison Avenue; Belle Avenue; Clarence Avenue; Lewis Drive; and Lark Street.

However, the decisions on Lewis Drive and Belle Avenue haven’t been finalized yet. It seems as if the city may pay to keep the signals up at Lark Street and Morrison Avenue, and remove the light at Clarence Avenue.

Another traffic study is slated to take place at the Belle Avenue intersection because of its proximity and access to Lakewood Hospital, said Corrigan.

The $2.5 million project will be paid for, in part, by the Ohio Department of Transportation.

The administration also has plans to get started on a $2.5 million repaving of the entire length of Madison Avenue, however no date has been set to begin that project.

DLSJR January 29, 2013 at 05:15 PM
Are they going to go back and properly repair the damage they caused to tree lawns on Clifton and Detroit? Is anyone ever going to come back and finish filling in the dirt around sidewalk sections that were replaced on Clifton almost 2 years ago? I would like to thank the morons that oversaw that project. I had to fill in my own sidewalks that you replaced, and now the other part of my sidewalk is one big puddle after it rains. Also the section replace around the tree in the tree lawn cracked.
jim January 31, 2013 at 02:43 PM
This article is about the most historic part of Lakewood, and in my opinion a very important part of this city that I have called home my entire life. The traffice light at Clarence & Madison IS IMPORTANT to the safety of the young and old, Handicapped and not handicapped, children by themselves or families...People that live North of Madison use that traffic light to go events at the LPL Madison Branch, Becks Pool, to play at the Madison Park, or to attend THE best event this wonderful city ever thought of doing the Community Festival. Oh the Safety committee may say, people can walk to the crosswalk with the "FLASHING LIGHTS" at Grace and Madison. But for someone that has lived his entire life in Lakewood, most of it being in the Eastern part of this wonderful city, I personally have almost been hit by cars, both as an child and as an adult, crossing at Grace. I have seeing people leaving Grace Lutheran Church, almost getting hit, i have seeing families and children almost getting hit, before and after the city decided to put the warning sign in the middle of the street. Again, Safety Committe and Lakewood City Council, the traffic light at Clarence and Madison is VERY important to the Safety of your Citizens in this neighborhood....PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE IT..
Jesse January 31, 2013 at 05:24 PM
I can't see how the signal at Belle & Madison is unwarranted. Belle seems to me a regularly used secondary, north-south thoroughfare in Lakewood, especially with access to the hospital from it and Charter One at that intersection.


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