Next Round of Community Vision Meetings Slated

The plan to discuss and update the city’s document outlining the state of the city and providing an outlook for the future is set to begin again.

The ’s planning and development department has announced its next round of workshops to .

The meetings are slated to begin again in September.

A lot has changed in Lakewood since 1993. That’s the last time there’s been an update to the Community Vision, a document that outlines the state of the city and provides an outlook for the future.

About 75 people attended the city’s at the campus in May.

Dru Siley, the city’s director of planning and development, said the goal was to have another round of meetings begin this summer. 

“Instead, we spent the months of July and August doing process and prep work,” Siley said in an email. “For example, we recruited guest speakers that are experts in the all of the subject areas to help us expand our understanding and broaden our perspectives. Stay tuned.”

Siley said he asked some committee members to “dive in and tackle homework assignments and develop a photo and travel log about their experiences in Lakewood” as they pertain to each topic heading. 

The next committee meetings are scheduled and listed below. All meetings start at 6:30.

  • Sept. 12: Safety; in the
  • Sept. 18: Commercial Development; at University of Akron Lakewood
  • Sept. 19: Education & Culture; at University of Akron Lakewood
  • Sept. 25: Mobility; at University of Akron Lakewood
  • Sept. 26: Housing; at University of Akron Lakewood
  • Sept. 27: Community Wellness; in the

Meeting agendas and details regarding guest speakers are expected to be released soon.


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