Lakewood Road Construction (Way) Ahead of Schedule

Good weather has the resurfacing project rolling right along.

Lots of sunshine and rain-free days have put the project to resurface a dozen Lakewood streets ahead of schedule.

Instead of a mid-July finish, the crews could be finished by mid-June.

“The weather has been our friend, and I think the contractors are raring to go,” said Lakewood Mayor Michael Summers. 

Earlier this year, Shelly Company was for $1.1 million.

Officials have said the project is moving right along. 

“They’re moving fast,” said Colleen Gillespie, administrative assistant for the , adding that the department has been getting its share of compliments from residents.

Here’s the breakdown of the city streets getting some fresh pavement this summer.

  • Adeline Avenue
  • Atkins Avenue: from Hilliard to Madison avenues.
  • Brockley Avenue: from Detroit Avenue to Clifton Boulevard.
  • Hilda Avenue
  • Hird Avenue: from Clifton Boulevard to Lake Avenue.
  • Lauderdale Avenue: from Madison to Detroit avenues.
  • McKinley Avenue: from Hilliard to Madison avenues.
  • Northland Avenue: from Marginal to Hilliard avenues.
  • Wyandotte Avenue: from Franklin to Detroit avenues.
  • Lakeland Road: from Delaware to Madison avenues.
  • Waterbury Road: from Madison to Franklin avenues. 
  • Whippoorwill Avenue.

Also in road construction news, the $1.3 million water-main replacements are set to begin in June, and last for an estimated 120 days.

Colin McHale May 16, 2012 at 12:31 PM
They're moving fast, but the quality looks terrible. If residents have to wait another 20-30 years before they're resurfaced again, there will be no street left. Additionally, the main streets on either side of these newly repaved ones now look like crap since motorists were allowed to drive on them immediately - leaving tire marks all over Detroit and Madison.


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