Lakewood Looks to Curb Loud Music From Vehicles

Proposed ordinance part of an update to the city’s traffic code.

People driving with the music too loud may now face a citation in Lakewood. 

A new piece of legislation introduced to Lakewood City Council last week looks to curb “noise disturbances from motor vehicles.”

Council reviewed a “housekeeping” ordinance that would bring the city in line with 14 changes to the state’s updated traffic code.

But there are a couple of additional measures that council is considering adding to the list.

One of them would regulate “noise disturbance from motor vehicles.” In other words, the new ordinance would make it a minor misdemeanor — on the first offense — to drive with the music too loud. 

Subsequent offenses committed within six months of a prior offense would be fourth-degree misdemeanors, according to the proposal.

“Noise disturbance from motor vehicle audio systems disrupt the peace and quiet enjoyment of this community,” the proposed ordinance reads.

Additionally, “noise disturbance from motor vehicles create a dangerous condition on the roadway for other vehicles and pedestrians." 

The second proposed measure would clarify the language for those driving without license or those with a child support suspension in Lakewood. 

Kevin Butler, the city’s law director, told city council that the 14 ordinances “would harmonize the Traffic Code… with recent legislative enactments made by the Ohio General Assembly within the state traffic code.”

Those measures include items that clarify the language for rules and offenses such as drunken driving, U-turns and traffic signals — among others.

Council is expected to discuss the proposal further at its Nov. 5 meeting.

Steve October 25, 2012 at 09:12 PM
mz1- but that doesn't help my sleep at 2:30 AM when the bars close, now does it! If cars needs mufflers, than so be it for bikes. They want open headers, I want sleep. Not a safety issue after spending time in a bar, now is it?
Jessica Rose October 26, 2012 at 02:55 PM
Just another ridiculous way for Lakewood to make money. If they wanted to protect the peace I could come up with 10 ideas that trump this. Now, is awful rap music that thumps through awful sound systems annoying, yes. But how are cops going to measure the sound of 'loudness'? Will they have a sound meter? Or will they just be able to pull any kid over and ticket them because they said or thought it was too loud. This city has a high tax rate, an over abundance of section 8/welfare that's bleeding to the whole city creating crime and trashy streets, and cars being stolen is old news to cops. This city needs to figure out how to keep its good citizens because soon, they'll all be gone and this city will be another east Cleveland.
john nafal October 26, 2012 at 04:38 PM
Wow,finally the city closed that dump on zappitelli's pizza for code violations its about time!
Sonny Yereb October 26, 2012 at 06:06 PM
Hope R October 26, 2012 at 07:03 PM
@ the comments about loud motorcycles. I ride. I have a loud bike. It's loud so you know I'm there. Before I rode I said the same thing about cars mufflers and bikes. Now that I ride and have almost been hit by cars who don't pay attention I am happy it's loud. I am respectful of not "revving" and ride in higher gear to help control the noise in residential areas early in the morning or after 9pm. However, the reason the are louder is So you can HEAR me since most of the time you aren't paying attention because like M.Z.1 said you are too busy doing everything but paying attention to the road. BTW they DO have ord in place for "excessively" loud bikes who have no baffles. But like most things they don't enforce it. Esp if it's a police officer who rides.


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