Lakewood Accepting Proposals for Vacant Spitzer Property

City officials hope to find an interested developer for the abandoned dealership by May 11.

City officials are hoping that the former Spitzer Auto Dealership gets some new life — soon.

With owner , the city recently released a request for proposal with the hopes of finding an interested developer for the vacant and abandoned property.

It’s the available land at the southeast corner of Detroit Avenue and Bunts Road that city officials believe will be the main selling point. The vacant Spitzer dealership in the 13900 block of Detroit Avenue sits on nearly two acres of land.

Dru Siley, the assistant director of planning and development, said in a city like Lakewood — which he said has nearly reached its development potential — having that much land to develop, is a valuable resource.

And with an estimated 8,000 automobiles that pass that area each day, so is the location.

“For urban sites in a city like Lakewood, on a street like Detroit, those are pretty good chunks of land,” Siley said, adding that Lakewood is one of the most densely populated cities between New York and Chicago.

According to the proposal, the city will entertain redevelopment proposals of the site for commercial, mixed use or residential and the proposal should not be limited solely by the existing zoning designation. The properties don’t have a price tag yet.

There are three areas of need in the city, officials say: new commercial properties with spaces that are 3,000 square feet or larger; new single level attached residential targeting the retirement-age market; and a new senior or assisted living facilities.

Both parcels are separated by Parkwood Avenue, by the proposal indicates that the city would consider abandoning 200 feet of the right-of-way, if the redevelopment proposal includes a entrance on Bunts Road.

The vacant auto repair shop at the corner is not part of the property, but the large parking lot just to the east is one of the to parcels up for sale.

 “That allows is to take some offense,” said recently. “I am hopeful that we can attract some developers who are doing this all over the country,” he said. “I guess the key is that we can get more experienced minds working on this and get some ideas.”

The deadline for submissions is May 11. The city is also eyeing potential uses for the abandoned Ganley dealership a few blocks away.


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