FitzGerald Assures County Residents in Storm’s Aftermath

Power is still out for thousands in Lakewood, however crews are working “around the clock.”

County executive Ed FitzGerald stood at a makeshift podium Friday at the corner of Lake Road and Cove Avenue in front of more than a half-dozen TV cameras to reassure county residents that the relief and cleanup effort is well under way.

FitzGerald, the former mayor of Lakewood, was flanked by current Lakewood Mayor Michael Summers and Cuyahoga County Sheriff Bob Reid as well as other county officials.

“This is the first major weather incident that the new county government has really tried to deal with,” said FitzGerald, who is also a Lakewood resident.

Just steps away from the press conference were several energy company employees working to repair the wreckage from Superstorm Sandy.

Just hours before, Lake Road had reopened after five days of being closed between Nicholson and Cove avenues.

During the time of the press conference, there were still about 6,000 Lakewood residents without power — including a number of businesses and organizations.

“This has been frustrating,” he added. “We’ve been encouraging FirstEnergy to move as quickly as they can.”

He also talked about plans for a new, “state-of-the-art” emergency operations center, and talked about the resources currently available — including the American Red Cross shelter at Garfield Middle School.

“We don’t want people to think there’s not help,” FitzGerald said. “If people have dire circumstances, let us know. We have four shelters for people to go to.” 

Steve November 02, 2012 at 08:57 PM
What did you expect from a photo opp. Now they want our money for a "state of the art" emergency operation center...I thought they already had that. Fitz. must be gearing up for a run at Governor, or higher. Please raise my taxes so I can help pay for all that.
Colin McEwen November 03, 2012 at 02:42 AM
Wow, Tim. Didn't catch that — and I was the fella behind the camera! Good eye.
Pattie November 03, 2012 at 01:58 PM
I am wondering about our illustrious "leaders". There they stand getting pictures taken because the trees on Lake were cleared but in this mornings papers their answer to no power for Lakewood was to go to the shelter. I wonder when their power went back on? I live at the west end of Lake (just outside of Clifton Park) yesterday I watched 3 trucks pull up, hook up half of the north side of lake and leave! I don't get it. No wires down and no CEI trucks in the area. I will be speaking with my voting power when these "gentlemen" come up for re-election.
ian king November 05, 2012 at 06:24 PM
First, thanks to all the crews that worked such long hours in not very desirable conditions. YOU are heroes and we thank you for all your efforts. HOWEVER, First Energy needs to be held accountable for a truly horrific job of restoring control. I have lived through earthquakes and tornadoes far worse than the tropical storm of Sandy. And never had power off/out for more than 3 days. We finally got our power on 5 days after the storm began here on Monday. Besides the lack of heat, hot water, etc. we lost over $ 300 in food items perishing. Where is Fitzgerald in holding a public hearing about why First Energy had such a horrible emergency plan - or what emergency plan? Shouldn't Figzgerald as the County Leader begin at lease inquiring why First Energy was so unresponsive for days? Where is your leadership Ed Fitzgerald? Yes, it was a terrible storm, but it was no hurricane, no tornado, and no earthquake - what would happen if we really have a truly devastating weather incident in Lakewood? Would we have to accept weeks without power, assistance? I find the response of our leaders far too accommodating and accepting of First Energy's PR press releases and total blame on the "complexity" of the storm and power related issues. I mean, isn't this their job to know that in any urban area trees will fall on power lines and impact transmission of power? Where is their plan? I wish Fitzgerald would do his job and demand more than mere "bad weather" excuses from First Energy.
Pattie November 06, 2012 at 04:32 AM
Agree 100% with ian!!!


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