Day 5: Power Still Out for Many in Lakewood

Residents still without power growing “frustrated and angry.” In other news, St. Edward's playoff game is moved to Parma because of electrical issues at Lakewood Stadium.

On the fifth day of power outages in Lakewood, those still in the dark following Monday’s “superstorm” are growing “frustrated and angry.”

Mayor Michael Summers, who’s been fielding many of those phone calls from residents who are still without power, says he understands their concerns.

“This takes time,” he said. “It’s very slow process.”

Thousands have regained their power since crews aggressively began repairing the downed lines on Wednesday.

However, on Friday night, 3,670 residents were still in the dark, according to the FirstEnergy outage map.

“People who don’t have power now are very frustrated and very angry,” Summers said. “And I understand that. There’s some complicated reason — probably some kind of backyard problem, like a blockage in the line.”

He said secondary crews are combing backyards throughout the city looking for the remaining issues.

The outage issues have even reached the football field. St. Edward High School's first-round playoff game slated for Saturday was moved to Byers Field in Parma because of the electrical issues at Lakewood Stadium.

On Friday morning — just hours before county executive Ed FitzGerald held a press conference at Lake Road and Cove Avenue — the lights went on in the densely populated Gold Coast neighborhood.

Once Lake Road was reopened, a trail of the storm’s wreckage was revealed along the street. Several towering trees were uprooted and unearthed.

Large tree limbs were broken and debris covered some of the sidewalks.

Among the neighborhoods still without electricity are Richland Avenue; Lewis and Chesterland avenues south of Franklin Boulevard; Homewood Avenue; Grace and Cohassett avenues; and a “big chunk of real estate north of Lake Road.”

However, FirstEnergy has told the mayor — and reported on its website — that all power may not be restored in Lakewood until Monday night.

Those without power are encouraged to call FirstEnergy’s outage hotline every four hours at 888-544-4877. 

GJ November 04, 2012 at 05:41 PM
Still no power north of Lake Ave and dont see any power trucks. I got excitied when I saw a truck but turned out to be Cox Cable instead.
Sandyt November 04, 2012 at 06:27 PM
We are on shaw. The south side. The north side of the street has had their side on since Tues or wed.
ian king November 05, 2012 at 06:17 PM
First, thanks to all the crews that worked such long hours in not very desirable conditions. YOU are heroes and we thank you for all your efforts. HOWEVER, First Energy needs to be held accountable for a truly horrific job of restoring control. I have lived through earthquakes and tornadoes far worse than the tropical storm of Sandy. And never had power off/out for more than 3 days. We finally got our power on 5 days after the storm began here on Monday. Besides the lack of heat, hot water, etc. we lost over $ 300 in food items perishing. Where is Fitzgerald in holding a public hearing about why First Energy had such a horrible emergency plan - or what emergency plan? Shouldn't Figzgerald as the County Leader being at lease inquiring why First Energy was so unresponsive for days? Where is your leadership now Ed Fitzgerald?
Pattie November 06, 2012 at 04:30 AM
We on Lake Ave did not get power until 3 on Sunday. I agree that First Energy should have some explaining to do. I read in this mornings paper that this storm cost the City "thousands" of dollars. What about the rest of us who lost food, had hotel expenses, etc. Is there any compensation for us? I doubt very much that the State or Federal Government will help us. Maybe First Energy could give us a substantial credit on our bill for what was a really shoddy response time. I am not only disgusted with First Energy but also our "illustrious" leaders. Very poor performance from everyone!
Samuel Francazio November 06, 2012 at 01:41 PM
We Lost Power for four days, had a Gas Fire Place, and a neighbor with a generator, we were Blessed with that. My brother is one of the guys that went east with First Energy. He is continuing his route to power outages though the flood waters ect. Pray for the homeless victims !


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