City’s Director of Human Services Stepping Down

Dottie Buckon leaving the post after nearly 10 years in the position; Mayor says that it’s “time to change direction.”

Dottie Buckon is leaving her post as the city’s director of human services after almost 10 years at the post and almost 20 years of service to the city.

Her last day is Feb. 28.

Mayor Michael Summers said Buckon’s departure is not a lay-off but rather a “mutual understanding.”

“The changing nature of human services and the direction we have to go is no longer a match,” said Summers. “The expectations are different and the resources are cut in half.”

However, he stressed that little will change in the services provided in the three departments Buckon oversees.

“The services are not going anywhere,” he said, adding that the city will look at ways to become more efficient. “This is an assessment of the road ahead. It’s a recognition that maybe it’s time to change direction. It’s a healthy thing and should be viewed as that.”

Buckon, who oversees the city’s divisions of Early Childhood, Youth and Aging, agreed that her resignation was a “mutual agreement." 

“The city may have to change the way it looks at human services,” she said. “I think this is a good step.”

Buckon, who earns an annual salary of $90,000, will stay in the post through a “transitional period” through February while a replacement is found.

“My time here has been incredible,” she said. “I’ve learned a lot while I was here. Hopefully, I’ve done some good things.”

“This is my town, I have kids and grandkids who live here. I am not going anywhere. It’s important to me that this community stays strong. It’s very important to keep the services strong.”


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