Big Changes Coming to the ‘Home of the Whopper’ in Lakewood

City’s architectural board of review OK’s facelift to the property at Madison Avenue and W. 117th Street.

The Burger King at the southwest entrance of Lakewood — at Madison Avenue and W. 117th Street — is getting a makeover.

The floor plan will largely remain the same at the burger joint at 11790 Madison Avenue.

But that’s about it. 

The city’s architectural board of review OK’d a revised proposal at its meeting Thursday.

The renovation at the property — inside and out — is expected to begin soon. It will cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Plans include changes to the entrances, interior walls and drive-thru windows. According to the proposal, the shingled roof would be replaced a metal, seamed roof.

New paint, signs and graphics are also planned.

There was some back-and-forth between the city and the architects for the burger chain.

In the final proposal, a large “Home of the Whopper” sign was removed from the plans.

The board also asked for additional landscaping.

The company signed on.

“Currently it’s kind of an asphalt jungle,” said Michael Dauss, the architect representing Burger King at the meeting. “It will resemble a nursery when we get done with it, with respect to the board’s comments and to beautifying our wonderful city of Lakewood.”

Burger King will also build a decorative fence “to try to help with the image in that area.”

“We’re embracing these recommendations, and we’re looking forward to another successful 40 years in Lakewood,” said Dauss.

On the inside of the building, the proposal calls for an update to the furnishings and décor; remodel to the front counter and service counter; new items in the kitchen; and new restrooms.

There are also plans to relocate and build a new trash bin; repair drive-thru lanes; and add bicycle parking.

“I think the new and improved look is wonderful,” said Mary Louise Madigan, the Ward 4 city councilwoman who represents the area, “and thank you for your assurances that it will kept up — tidy and clean.”

Dave February 15, 2013 at 04:34 PM
I live very close to BK and am excited over exterior improvements. Especially the trash bin relocation. The amount of trash that blows down coutant and into backyards is unbelievable. We have a hard enough time keeping that area clean from the large amounts of walkers who dump their bags/cans/wrappers when they're finished. I cannot tell you the number of emtpy Ole English cans and various other junk I've picked up. Only if the resurfacing of Madison would commence.
Bob Beck February 16, 2013 at 05:49 AM
C'mon Colin.....Tens of thousands? The new metal roof, new bathrooms, repaving the parking lot, interior renovations, landscaping.....this is easily over $100,000, possibly $200,000 or more. I hope the owners are rewarded for their investment in Lakewood with a huge bump in business!
Colin McEwen February 16, 2013 at 09:49 PM
Thanks, Bob. Just the fence is more than an estimated $30,000. BK isn't required to tell us how much they spend on the whole project — but i think you're right. It's probably more than $200,000.
Tin Idol February 17, 2013 at 12:21 AM
Yet, UK author, Terry Schlosser, in his book "Fast Food Nation"--- which forms a large part of the content of the DVD, "Food, Inc." stated that these QSR "fast food franchises" receive $4,000 tax credit for every employee they hire who stays employed for a minimum of 400 hours. This tax credit... an actual $4,000 reduction in taxes paid... NOT a $4,000 lessening of total revenue earned.. was for employee training Schlosser cited a US Department of Labor response where it was maintained that McDonalds would have had to hire 92% of these workers and that no transferable employment skills justified the tax credit. McDonalds response was that "employees had to learn to crawl before they learned to walk". McDonalds's reply met no "standard of sufficiency" and was a de facto admission of the US Department of Labor's allegation of no transferable employment skills. One-time US Presidential hopeful, Colin Powell called this "corporate welfare"; it is more "political corruption" than "corporate welfare" Schlosser went on to describe how some managers and owners cycle through employees to maximize this $4,000 benefit. The people of lakewood have seen how a Mayor & Town Council were willing to throw a whole subset of the town's residents "under the [proverbial] bus", as it pertained to the use of "eminent domain" to benefit private developers.
Tin Idol February 17, 2013 at 12:28 AM
The people of lakewood have seen how a Mayor & Town Council were willing to throw a whole subset of the town's residents "under the [proverbial] bus", as it pertained to the use of "eminent domain" to benefit private developers. The response that matched "no standard of sufficiency" on Lanigan & Malone's Oldies 105 interview was that the "blighted" designation which Jimmy Malone told Lakewood's Mayor would apply to something like 50% of Lakewood Homes...Lakewood's Mayor replied that "blighted" was just used for Federal Designations which improved some kind of "standing" before the federal agencies. But the "blighted" homes just coincidentally had a Lakeshore view. Evidently, the developer was not interested in any of the other blighted homes in Lakewood. Confucius stated that in times of crisis, one must reform the nomenclature. Well, the pendulum is swinging in the wrong direction. If the "expanding tax base" issue were so critical that "eminent domain" had to be used for the "greater public good" THEN WHY NOT dictate that the development would be non-profit???? Oh, no - no... we can't have that AND HAD SOMEONE mentioned that at the time, the developer and crooks in City Council would have rejected it AS OPPOSED TO embracing the logical extension of their own stated positions


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