Lightning Strikes Lakewood Home, Destroys Chimney

The incident on Erie Cliff Drive is the second report of lightning striking a Lakewood home in the past two weeks.

A large streak of lightning destroyed the chimney of a home on a quiet street in the northwest corner of the city on Thursday morning.

Several squads from the responded to the arts-and-crafts bungalow home at 1087 Erie Cliff Drive at around 9:50 a.m. after neighbors reported hearing an explosion.

“The lightning completely blew the chimney apart,” said fire marshal Tim Dunphy, who added that there was no fire as the result of the lightning strike. 

Neighbors reported hearing a large “boom.”

“It sounded like what you’d expected lightning to sound like,” one neighbor said.

Bricks from the chimney flew long distances, landing in the yards several houses away.

On July 3, the second story of a home at 1449 when the firefighters showed up. Originally, lightning was to blame, however Dunphy said that may not be the case after all.

The blaze is still under investigation.


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