FBI Releases Annual Crime Report: How Safe is Lakewood?

The FBI released its annual report of crime statistics for 2011, which includes breakdowns of cities across the country

The FBI has released its annual report of crime statistics for 2011, which compiles the number of violent and property crimes in cities across the country.

Most of the crimes committed in Lakewood were theft — 795 of them were reported last year.

For the most part, Lakewood fared well in the crime categories when compared to similarly populated cities, including other Patch towns like Cleveland Heights, Cuyahoga Falls and Mentor.

According to the FBI numbers, which includes crimes reported to the FBI by local police departments for data purposes, Lakewood had 795 thefts last year, compared to 4,569 thefts reported in Cuyahoga Falls, 675 in Cleveland Heights and 910 in Mentor.

In the violent crime category — which includes rape, robbery and assault — Lakewood had 74 violent crimes reported last year, compared 143 in Cleveland Heights, 43 in Mentor and 60 in Cuyahoga Falls.

Overall, the FBI reports that both violent and property crime is down nationwide, the fifth year in a row there was a decrease. To view city-by-city figures for the state of Ohio, click here.

Here is a breakdown of crimes reported in Lakewood in 2011:


CRIME NUMBER REPORTED Murder/Manslaughter 1 Forcible Rape 9 Robbery 35 Aggravated Assault 29 TOTAL VIOLENT CRIME 74


CRIME NUMBER REPORTED Burglary 254 Larceny (Theft) 795 Car Theft 85 Arson 6 TOTAL PROPERTY CRIME 1,134


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