UPDATE: Dog Mauled to Death Before Spooky Pooch Parade

A family’s Pomeranian was killed on St. Charles Avenue the way to the Spooky Pooch Parade on Saturday.

Clarification: The incident occurred on St. Charles Avenue, about a block away from the Spooky Pooch Parade; a previous version of this story noted that the incident occurred at the parade.

Saturday’s Spooky Pooch Parade wasn’t fun for everyone.

It ended in tragedy for one family, whose Pomeranian was killed by two other dogs on St. Charles Avenue on their way to the fifth-annual event.

“Their owner could not control the dogs as we walked by,” the dog’s owner posted on the Lakewood Citizen’s Facebook page, later commenting that the attacking dogs were a Rottweiler and a Bull-mastiff.

“I am incredibly disappointed that the dogs were allowed to go home with their owner after this horrific incident.”

Lakewood Patch could not immediately reach the woman, who added that she was walking to the event with her 3-month-old daughter and mother.

An officer at the Lakewood Police Department confirmed the incident, however, no additional information was available and the city’s dog warden could not be immediately reached.

“We were told by the dog warden that there will be a trial and ‘most likely’ the dogs will not be allowed to live in Lakewood anymore,” the woman posted on Facebook. “It is unthinkable that these (vicious) animals are permitted to stay in the city until this trial. Hopefully no other animals or humans will be harmed in the meantime.”

Ian Andrews, the director of LakewoodAlive and co-organizer, pointed out that the incident didn't happen on festival grounds, adding that the event is a safe place for dogs.

"It is tragic ... and I feel awful for those affected," he said in an email.

Steve October 23, 2012 at 05:44 PM
@Jason- Glad I hit a nerve, with you being on the recieving end,shows you have some heart. All you do is spew your hate about pitties every chance you get. What happened in your life to carry such demons against a breed you know nothing about? If an APBT was sitting in front of you, most all experts would say that visual identification is next to impossible. Take a challenge if you dare. Donate 2hours of your time to the Cleveland animal shelter. Meet and greet some of the dogs there. It could be a life changing experience for you knowing that some pit on death row would love to be walked one final time with you, a human. It will not care about your demons. You may find true love, not hatred towards them, making you a bigger and better person. TRY IT if you have the balls...
Steve October 23, 2012 at 05:57 PM
@Peggy- If you read all of the articles you would see that the police chief stated that this has not happend before, yet you state "this is happening too much". You cannot both be right. And putting the dog down serves no purpose either. What laws were not enforced? Please tell. Neglegence on the owners part, yes. Dangerous dog, no.
Jane Doe October 23, 2012 at 06:28 PM
Tiny dog dressed in a costume...hmmm, I think even I may have mistaken it for a TOY. According to the details the owner provided, the Pom was picked up & shook, not viciously ripped apart by these 'dangerous dogs'. The fact that this 'technically' did not happen at the event doesn't matter, it is still a RESULT of the parade...lots of dogs dressed in costume wouldn't be milling around for any other reason in that area. With this many dogs & who knows how many irresponsible, careless owners who are too busy ooohing & ahhhing over pet costumes, is this really a surprise?
SS October 25, 2012 at 12:37 AM
All I can say is very poor judgement by the owner has resulted in the violent death of an innocent animal. Why on earth would you take a dog the size of a Mastiff to an event with many other dogs when you have only had the dog for one month?? She had absolutely NO idea what this dog was like, and they didnt even make it to the parade. Plus she brought another large breed dog making it almost impossible to control the situation. And please dont tell me they were on those retractable leashes!! As a responsible 110# pit bull owner I do not put myself or my dog in any situation I can not handle. Dogs no matter how well trained can be unpredicatable when put in stressful situations. Know you dog and above all, be able to handle them.
Jacqui October 25, 2012 at 08:28 AM
i am an owner of a past abused rescued terrier mix 8 lbs MAX.. it was probably more than 6 months before I took him around other dogs.. as you have to get a feeling of how dogs are.. personality etc.. I must say I am a bit surprised by the response of "you shouldn't walk down the street because you saw big dogs".. it is a free street and owners are responsible for their pets.. not the people walking down the street.. it is pure neglect from the dogs owner.. I am a bit surprised that the dogs were not taken into temporary custody.. One question I never saw asked : (sorry if I missed it).. it was stated these dogs were on leashes.. did they break the leash?? was the leashes on these dogs way too long.. to reach anyone walking on the sidewalk?? I think this would be an important question.. I had a neighbor housing pitbulls above me.. I tried to make sure not to bring my dog or my 2 year old around them.. as the owner did not keep them on leashes.. One bit and killed a poodle.. The lakewood animal control and police came out here.. Took the dogs into custody for investigation and took the 21 year old owner to jail.. end result he was sanctioned to never own dogs again as long as he lives in ohio.. 4 days later he had both dogs back and 2 2 months old baby pitbulls (again not on leashes) his mother had signed to get the dogs and he had them back once again.. he has left lakewood since.. thank goodness I'm sorry for the loss of your little loved one..


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