Complete Coverage of the ‘Dancin’ in the Street’ Crash

One Lakewood man is dead, and four others are injured, after a Lakewood man allegedly drove his vehicle into a crowd of people on Sunday. He faces charges today.

The through a barricade into a crowd of people at a Cleveland street event, killing one Lakewood man and injuring four others, is expected to appear in court today. 

Timothy Spock, 34, faces a charge of vehicular manslaughter after he allegedly drove his into a crowd of people at the annual street Dancin’ in the Street event on Clifton Boulevard near W. 117th Street in Cleveland. 

Spock was charged on Monday afternoon with aggravated vehicular homicide and is scheduled to appear in court this morning following the death of as a result of his injuries.

Here’s a recap of the news coverage of the crash and its aftermath.


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