Ceiling Caves in on LakewoodAlive

No one injured, but the sidewalk work above the basement office came crashing down for a "scary" Thursday morning.

Thursday morning was just like any other day at the office in the .

Then, the ceiling caved in. 

While crews were busy fixing up the sidewalk above, workers and volunteers heard the work get closer.

Then, large pieces of concrete came crashing to the floor, and sunshine was streaming into the northwest corner of the otherwise dark basement office.

No one was injured. 

Only a small portion of the office is underneath the sidewalk.

Ian Andrews, the executive director, said that with dust and debris heavy in the office, he told staff and volunteers to take the day off.

“It was a little scary,” he said.

By Friday, there was new concrete poured and the staff at LakewoodAlive was back to work. 

“It was a crazy day,” said Ken Brand, LakewoodAlive’s marketing and events coordinator.

Alexandra June 10, 2012 at 01:21 PM
Really happy nobody was hurt!


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