One Man Dead, One Wounded in Waterbury Shooting

Several suspects are in custody and it is not clear if another suspect is on the loose.

Updated: 12:25 a.m.

Many questions remain following a shooting that left one man dead and one wounded on Waterbury Avenue on Friday night.

What's known is that a party was taking place at the second-floor residence when the gunfire rang out after 9 p.m., said Mayor Michael Summers.

Neighbors reported hearing at least three shots.

The first victim was shot and killed inside of 2051 Waterbury Ave., while the second man was shot in the leg in the driveway of the duplex, just south of Madison Avenue.

He was taken to Fairview General Hospital in Cleveland, and his condition is unknown, Chief Tim Malley said. 

Police have "several" suspects in custody, but it’s not yet clear if other suspects are still at large, said Summers, adding that there are a number of eyewitnesses.

"Why this happened is yet to be determined," he said. "This is not a random event, it's one of those situations that just went out of control in an unknown and violent way."

Police have not yet released any additional details about the shooting.

“We really don’t know much at this time,” Malley said.

As of around 10 p.m. on Friday night, a Rocky River police officer posted at the  described one suspect on the loose as a 220-pound black man with tattoos on his face and neck, wearing a gray sweatshirt with a stick figure design on it.

A crowd of dozens of curious onlookers lined the street watching as police collected evidence at two houses in the 2000 block of Waterbury Avenue.

"Neighbors have been concerned about the activity at that house," Summers said. 

Several police investigators combed the neighborhood collecting evidence, well past midnight.

"This is a very unusual event for Lakewood — we haven't had an event like this in many years," Summers said. "We're very regretful that it happened tonight. This is a discouraging thing to happen in any neighborhood."

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Susan Ruiz Patton January 07, 2012 at 02:33 PM
Good question, Rick. We'll have to look into it.
Alex Vandehoff January 07, 2012 at 09:22 PM
According to the PD, neighbors have been complaining about activity here for weeks. Isn't this Madigan's ward? And she's the new council president? Were concerns directed at her or the LPD or both? This leaves open even more questions about the leadership in 'Fightin Ward Four' and now in the council. You can trot out all the history you want about shootings in the city - the failure to respond to the concerns of residents is reason for MAJOR concern. Between a (potentially) inactive council president, and an at-large councilperson who can't seem to file any of her official papers either correctly or on time (looking at you M. Smith) Lakewood voters have a lot to think about.
Steve January 07, 2012 at 10:07 PM
Alex, I agree with you. They put all their eggs into one basket, and continue to pick on bully breeds that were here long before them. Paperwork, or any work is for the little citizens, not Council Members. Not a MAJOR concern, but a MAJOR security issue here in Lakewood.
Peter Grossetti January 07, 2012 at 11:20 PM
Alex - I'm 99% sure 2051 Waterbury is in Ward 3 (right on the border of Ward 4). And Ms. Madigan was elected last Tuesday as Council Vice President. (Mr. Powers-At Large- in the new President).
Alex Vandehoff January 07, 2012 at 11:38 PM
Peter, thanks for the correction. On the city's site, the ward 3/4 border is right down Waterbury, so I guess it's in ward 3.5. Fact is, our former council President and current council VP has more crime in her ward than any other. Is it her fault? No, I wouldn't say that Mary Louise Madigan encourages crime. Can MUCH MORE be done about it? The answer is a very loud YES. All that being said, I think that LPD generally does a very good job and I'm proud that they serve our community. Maybe MLM can figure out a way to fund more patrols in W4. I would hope that the ex-Prez/current VP of the council would have some ideas about these things.


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