BayComm Radio Group Welcomes Lakewood Members; 'The Goal is to Prepare'

Lessons from Sandy: What if cell service went down?

BayComm, a volunteer disaster-preparedness CB radio group began by Jim Kettren of Bay Village this year, is welcoming members from Lakewood.

The invitation is timely, considering the number affected after SuperStorm Sandy came through Northeast Ohio — and in Lakewood, leaving .

While certain things were still available, such as cell phones, gasoline and natural stoves, fireplaces, and gas water heaters, Kettren wonders what would happen if there was no cell phone service.

“There are several things that can knock out the communications grid, and this is what BayComm plans for,” he said. “The CB radio (handheld, mobile, and base) can become your lifeline to reach out to others, providing vital information, assistance and security.

“The goal is to prepare for a time for when two-way radio communications may be the only way to communicate with family members, friends, neighbors and others in the community.”

In Bay Village, the group currently works in conjunction with Westshore CERT, and has the backing of the mayor (Debbie Sutherland), the Bay Village chief of police (David Wright) and the City Emergency Planning Team, Ketteren said.

BayComm is made up of people from all walks of life, not just those experienced in CB or HAM radio operations. Members share skill-sets. The group requires members be at least 18 years of age. There is no upper age limit.

“Our oldest member is 91,” Kettren said. 

Members of towns tangent to Bay Village would also be suitable to join.

“Our reach extends up to 10 miles, from Bay Village,” Kettren said.

BayComm will show you what radio to acquire and help members gain expertise. BayComm’s function extends beyond radio communication.
No experience is required.

It is also a social group and members enjoy the field events that take place on a weekly basis.

For more information, and to receive a BayComm application, you can email Jim Kettren (jim.kettren@hyland.com)

Gina J. November 16, 2012 at 11:56 AM
I don't know about anyone else but I live in Lakewood and the night of the storm I DID loose cell service/Verizon and my police scanner went quiet as police scrambled for viable channels.


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