POLL: Was the Punishment Fair for Lifeguards at Alcohol Pool Party?

Two lifeguards resigned and seven were suspended from work after pool supervisor finds two cases of beer at Foster Pool on July 4.

After the over a party involving alcohol at Foster Pool, comments came pouring in.

The incident was first discovered when the mayor — "unbeknownst to a lot of lifeguards" — showed up to make an announcement regarding the  on July 4.

Aquatics director Matt Demaline was notified. After he dismissed the lifeguards, he found as many as two cases of beer at the pool.

The school district — which oversees the recreation department and the pools — turned the investigation over to its human resources department.

Many readers on Lakewood Patch thought the punishment was too harsh. 

Others thought it wasn’t enough.

What do you think?

Take our poll and let us know.


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