Letter to the Editor: School Board Member John Kamkutis

Kamkutis says his decision to not run for re-election was based on his desire to spend more time with his family.

Editor's note: After deciding to the Lakewood School Board, board member John Kamkutis shared this letter to area media outlets — including Lakewood Patch — to explain why.

I have received an overwhelming response to not filing for reelection. When I first was appointed to the school board, I was in sales and had a very flexible schedule. Since then, I ventured into the restaurant business, if you know anything at all about the business it consumes all of your time. My time now is not as flexible.

Secondly, with the little time I have, my wife has been solely responsible for taking care of the girls. They are at the age of being involved in extracurricular activities for the district. Cindy's responsibilities have increased with all of the travel involved, and I am not there to help.

Thirdly, my parents are 86-years-old and not in the best of health. I am an only child and this puts demands on my time as well. This is a life lesson that we need to understand. There is an old Greek phrase that says, "There where you are I've been, here where I am you'll be."

I thank you all for your support, and I have all the confidence in the world in our current administration to lead us in the right direction. Life offers us many paths, maybe I will have an opportunity to travel this path again. 

Thank you,

John Kamkutis


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