Bites Nearby: Angelo's Pizza

Delivery and take-out are available, but when it comes to Angelo's Pizza, dine in — for the whole pizzeria experience.

Delivery pizza is truly a god-send sometimes when everyone spills through the doors at the end of the day and there is nothing in the works that’s even close to becoming dinner.

Pizza is something people can agree on — it’s easy, it’s filling and can cover many of the food groups in a tidy, tasty package.

Somehow, it is always a treat — it’s good for parties, picnics, lunch, dinner — or even for breakfast (best served leftover and cold while standing in front of an open fridge).

I like to go out for pizza though — I’ll admit it, I’m a mom and I like to have a clean kitchen when I get home, but also, I really like the experience of being in a good pizzeria.

Amazing bready-garlicky-tomatoey aromas waft deliciously throughout the room and the pizza is piping hot with molten cheese when it comes to the table…

 has that very atmosphere — not to mention it has all the bustle of a small village marketplace. You will always see someone you know.

The deep-dish or original options for pizzas range from $8.39 for a plain small 9-inch pizza to $22.99 for a four topping extra-large 16-inch pizza – large pizzas are 12-inches.

There are five options for sauces, twenty options for toppings. There are also 16 specialty pizzas available like the tried and true Margherita Pizza (buffalo mozzarella, Roma tomatoes, fresh basil) and the more unusual like Baked Potato Pizza (mashed potato, three cheeses, butter sauce, red onion and bacon); Seafood (lobster cream sauce, shrimp, crabmeat, fresh spinach and provolone); Acapulco BBQ Chicken (provolone, BBQ chicken breast, pineapple, mild peppers, bacon and a touch of cinnamon)…$13.39 to $25.99.

The full menu is available online.

Angelo’s also has about a dozen appetizers $3.29 to $12.99, pastas $6.99 to $13.49; soups and fresh salads for $4.75 to $9.75- the Family Salad for $9.95 is said to feed four, but it goes way beyond that; wings, sandwiches for $7.99 to $9.99 and desserts made by Sabalos Bakery.

Pizza is such a staple these days, and everyone claims to have the best, but at Angelo’s there is often a wait to be seated and the delivery/ take-out business is booming. 

They serve (and deliver) a good selection of beer and wine. Credit cards are accepted. There is a small parking lot in the back, free street parking on Wascana Ave and metered street parking on Madison. Delivery is available during all business hours.

13715 Madison Ave., Lakewood (one block east of Bunts Road)


Open 11 a.m. Daily


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