The NRA culture kills children again

The time is now to talk about our gun cultue.

One thirty pm 14 December 2012.  I finish lunch and sit down to watch political news.  Twenty six dead, a shooting at an elementary school.  “We shouldn’t talk about gun control now.”  I turn the TV off. Here are a liberal’s thoughts.  

My first thought goes back to when I was an Army officer of Basic Training.  Guns do kill.  They kill because they change the psychic of a person.   To the day, cycle after cycle, I could tell you when even the most initial timid handler of their drawn weapon would want to test their skill killing people.  And loving their weapon so much they tried to take it to bed.  All were mesmerized, caught up in the ethos of controling violent power, some more than others; intelligence and skill were the varying factors.  A gun is the ultimate power.  Controlling who lives and/or who dies is the ultimate power in our species.  Doctors experience this rush of power.  To the mentally challenged a gun gives them this rush augmenting what is missing to their personality.  Twenty six dead. 

Next thought:  The Supreme Court and the NRA culture, provide the fuel for these dysfunctional gun-nuts.  Ownership of a gun should be in the same category as a drivers license;   a privilege not a right.  Passing laws making it easier to get a gun, passing laws to legally own any kind of gun, passing laws rewarding a shooter who carries and passing laws that encourage using a gun is obtuse. Twenty six dead. 

To own a gun I am told is for freedom against a tyrannical government.  Against the most powerful military the world has ever seen?  This is a gnat crawling up an elephant’s hind leg.  Don’t insult my intelligence using that argument.  Some say it is the freedom to be safe on the street.  That is a lie.  Having a gun on the street makes you less safe. Carrying limits where you can go, there is always someone who wants to test how good they are and could use you as an excuse “I felt threatened so I shot first.”  When some one shoots into a crowd the first targets are those standing the second targets are those moving on the ground.  So go for your gun amateur, you're dead. Twenty six dead. 

If you feel the psychic need to have a gun to defend your house go for it.  This is harmless.  Unless of course you are burglarized while at home then you will probably end up dead trying to use your weapon.  And my advice is to buy a shotgun.  It makes a lot of noise.  It puts out a world of hurt with minimal skill.  To use a hand gun in a deadly situation takes concentration, dexterity and calmness. Twenty Six Dead.

My last thought this afternoon is:  There is no need for anyone to have a police or military weapon. Never! You do not need an assault weapon or a hand gun to hunt game.  You don’t need an assault weapon or hand gun to defend your home.  And you don’t need to carry a weapon on the street.  You want a hand gun for recreation.  No problem, keep it in a locker at a gun club or armory.  Go shoot the paper targets to pieces.  Twenty Six dead.  

If other countries can restrict their public from having guns and their homicide level is much lower per capita than we can do it too. We talk about a devestating hurricane that killed many the day after we; are adult enough to talk about gun control NOW.  Twenty Six Dead.

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JC December 15, 2012 at 01:08 PM
Twenty Eight Dead.


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