The Liberal Mission on Guns

We can’t erase our history from 1775 to the present. However we can write laws that will head us toward the optimal behavior. We have the vote there is no need; “guns for freedom.”

In 1775 the North American Society was small communities. 

There was no central Army, Navy or Air Force. To break with King George the citizens of North America establish a central military using the available weapons.  The Second Amendment was written under those circumstances.

Laws are written today, as they were in 1775, for present behavior. In our modern society we are not writing laws for gravity free automobiles, laser pistols, transporters or bubble environmentals. The Colonials were writing laws to break away from a dictatorial government.

The main weapons tool used by the Colonials was a gun that took 15 seconds to reload.

We can’t erase our history from 1775 to the present.  We can’t easily change institutional behavior.  However we can write laws that will head us toward the optimal behavior. We have the vote there is no need; “guns for freedom.”

The best law would be: weapons are only for the military and the police. Private carriers or owners of guns are an exception not privilege or a right. Under present gun moss, that can’t happen.  Pushing the possible outer limits, without undo disruption to society, The Liberal Party USA’s position is:

  1. All weapons will be kept safely in the place of residence.  If residents harm themselves or others the owner of that weapon will be held accountable.
  2. Any automatic or semi-automatic weapon (not a revolver) is illegal.   Authorities will not invade residences solely to confiscate those illegal weapons.
  3. There is no need to hunt. People should not kill living beings for sport.  Especially those that have a conceptual transference. This rule will obviously take a long time. Don’t even try to introduce it until a change in the custom occurs.
  4. A legal weapon can be transported out of residence; to hunt, take to a regulated shooting range or for changing residences.  
  5. If the need is evident an armed government official is on site.

Any other law, to address the gun issue, is superfluous. When are you sane or what kind of recreation is acceptable are separate issues. Presently, are these laws possible? No! But, that is our goal.

Liberals always get their way, eventually. Conservatives never do, ever.

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Tim Torrence January 15, 2013 at 07:13 PM
Why don't we keep all firearms at the shooting range since we would no longer be able to defend ourselves in our own homes due to severe criminal and civil liabilities? It will also save on accidental discharge during transportation since the average human is obviously too stupid to remember to remove the bullets before placing it in their car. Why don't we make it illegal to hunt in the King's forest? While we are at it why don't we make farming illegal we know plants feel pain and fear, they probably feel trapped in rows inside a field. We should all hand around a corn stalk and wait for the ear to fall off on its own. Almost forgot, why is it legal to transport a gun to an illegal activity such as hunting? The need is evident to stop people from breaking into single mother's homes and raping and killing the residents, will armed government officials be present to stop spontaneous acts of violence on private property? Will private property cease to exist or will we develop transporter technology to instantaneously infuse an armed government official into any dangerous scenario? Final question, what constitutes an armed government official, does this refer to federal or include local branches of government and who would have jurisdiction at any given situation? It would be confusing if I called 911 and the FBI, CIA, ATF, IRS, state police, Lakewood police and Captain Kirk all appeared in my living room. Thanks in advance for your quick and absurd response.
DAVE GIORGI January 18, 2013 at 04:22 AM
Keith, youmust be living in closed room in an institution. You should observe the real world that is running wild with bad people. How about you putting a sign on you house telling everyone you do not have a gun to protect your family?


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