Group Laws Only

Don't pass laws against individual freedom.

Group Laws Only

none against individual freedom

Over a glass of wine, at a local, I asked some bright college quaffers: “how many institutions are there?”  Both responded “too many to count.”  Not a good answer.  There are 5 basic and 3 ensuit Institutions. Sad to say, in all fairness, most people do not know what an Institution is or how many there are.  The Institutions are: Education, Government, Religion, Parentage, Economics, with secondary Art and Recreation, and tertiary Amelioration.  

An Institution is an established way of the group, or group-way.  A group is 9 or more homo-sapiens.  Less is a gathering.  For an example, Ohio State University is a facility for the institution of Education.  The professors are the messengers for the Institution of Education. Institutions are the group behavioral pillars -essential components- of every successful society.  

Keeping the fore mentioned in mind there are three types of laws: thought-a conclusion from thinking-, interpersonal, and group.

A thought law tells you what to think.  The Flag Bill was an attempt to pass a thought law.  The authors said the flag was a sacred symbol.  To say something is symbolic can only come from a conclusion of thinking.  A flag is a piece of cloth dyed a certain way to identify an object.  Why pass a law against burning a piece of cloth?  To legislate a person’s or persons’ concluded thought on another person is wrong.

Individual behavior laws, social-psychological laws, are those that tell one individual what they can and cannot do to themselves, or with another consenting person.  Some examples of individual laws: dress code, diet restrictions, sex, marriage, greetings, etc…  There should never be written rules for social-psychological behavior.  If a person’s individual behavior is abhorrent to another it is stopped by that other person or persons.  If an individual’s behavior is not group-way disruptive, anything goes.

Group-way laws, Sociological laws, effects institutions therefore are legitimate laws.  Some examples: immigration, voting, gun, child rearing, traffic, murder, workplace harassment, etc...

The test for a legitimate law is to ask the basic question: “Does the proposed law benefit society or does it restrict the individual (discriminatory)?”  Good laws respect the right of individuals to self determination and choice.  Marriage is an individual social-psychological event.  It is just a ceremony.  It has no behavioral consequence on the group what so ever.  There is no need for marriage laws, for or against.  A civil union contract, sometimes wrongly called a marriage license, is a sociological event therefore laws are needed.  Abortion is a social-psychological event.  There never should have been a law against it.  But there was.  So, in this case, to rectify the unnecessary law an individual law was needed.   

Let’s examine sexual harassment as another example of a not needed or needed law.  A woman can be treated piggish by some slime bucket at a public bar.  She tells the guy to bugger off, or maybe the bartender throws him out or maybe she just leaves.  No harm to society, the group is unaffected.  We don’t need laws for saloon meet-and-greet.  But the same piggishness in the work environment affects the group-way, thus we need appropriate laws.   

In a just world laws would never be passed for individual behavior.  Allowing a group-way would also be unnecessary, unless the group shrinks but, that is another discussion.  Those behaviors would never have been taken away in the first place.

In this essay I cursorily introduced some categories of behavior and cryptically explained some parts.  Here is the bottom line.  Any dolt knows you can’t legislate beliefs.  Individual freedom is a right and should never be restricted.  The only legitimate laws are restricting a group-way.  I hope this helps when next deciding how to vote on an issue or a candidate.

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Steve May 10, 2012 at 03:19 PM
@Keith, thanks for this, a good thought provoking read. How do you feel Lakewoods, or any cities law banning pitbulls would play into this, since good owners and bad owners are equally punished, as well as the dog's life.
keith a dewey May 10, 2012 at 04:07 PM
Steve, Thanks for the "atta-boy". The pitbull law has two parts. It is a group-way law. The law speculates, from some observed pit-bull behavior, that the breed is more dangerous than other breeds. An aggressive dog with access to public space can harm the group. So from that stand point it is an OK law. The other part is do we need this law. Are pitbulls erratic enough that even with careful training are they still dangerous? I have owned different dog breeds and have a dog now (see my picture). I give extensive training and lots of love. My dogs had such deep instincts (their job) that never went away, present one included. Never make a law from just personal experience. So, on the pitbull law, I believe it is just but, don’t absolutely know.
Steve May 10, 2012 at 06:03 PM
Ok, devils advocate here. You say 'an aggressive dog' . Less than 1% of all pitbulls are aggressive, along with many other breeds, labs, chows, dalmations,rotts, huskys, chis. ect. Bullies make up over 40% of the dog population, yet the people with REAL knowledge about dogs say that BSL does not work. But the lesser powers that make the laws say differently. It still BSL takes the rights away from the good owners, and treats them and their dogs like criminals, which is not the case, according to experts on this subject. So how does that play into the fold.
Steve May 10, 2012 at 06:06 PM
Dog owners seem to be a very large GROUP to me. How does that play out?
Tim Torrence May 10, 2012 at 06:07 PM
DOWN WITH THE POODLE! DOWN WITH THE POODLE! Everyone knows Poodles are evil dogs that hate children. And those little yelpers who violate the noise ordinances, get rid of those too.


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