Holiday Ornaments: What's Your Favorite?

Decorating your home for the holiday? Show us your favorite piece!

When we decorate our home for the holidays I remind my family of the story around each decoration.

One of my favorites is the very first ornament I received from a friend who told me how important it is to build your own collection of holiday ornaments. I was single and had just moved into my own apartment at the time. I had a little Charlie Brown tree and not much to put on it.

The little crochet dove she gave me has a musical box in in the back that plays a whiney (albeit not so loudly today) 'It's A Small World.'

Another good one is the little house ornament that represented the year we bought our first home in Pennsylvania. We had bought a townhouse and the ornament looked like our home. At the time I worked across from the Moravian Book Shop in Bethlehem, Pa., which is known for its selection of Bethlehem Star ornaments, but it also has lots of glass Christmas Tree ornaments. I spent a lot of money in that store. 

But my favorite by far is the worn paper angel my 3-year-old daughter, Belle, made for our tree topper more than a decade ago. She was inspired by the Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Christmas movie that we only watched about a million times that year. 

She's 17 now and we still use it. 

What's your favorite holiday decoration? Tell us the story behind it.

It's easy to share the photo, just click on the upload photos or videos button at the top of the story. Or you can share your holiday ornament story in the comments.  

Thomas December 06, 2012 at 07:53 PM
I have two. The first is a snowman made of felt (made by grandma) and the first lawn ornament we got from homeseasons when we got our home.
Rev. Paula Maeder Connor December 07, 2012 at 01:11 AM
Ive been collecting things over the years. 33 years ago as a poor seminarian, a friend offered me a Lladro angel at Christmas. Having been a Spanish major in college, the Lladro porcelain was so precious...and I thought out of my reach financially. With that first angel gift I started a life long collecting tradition...saving enough each year to buy one figurine from the Lladro Children's Christmas Nativity. After 20 years I had the full set....then I started collecting sheep from my travels...so I could imagine the flocks at night. I have a flock of about 50 sheep now from Ireland, Guatemala, Thailand, Germany and so many other countries. One friend offered me a wolf in sheep's clothing from Scotland. That same friend made a sheep that she tried to make grey..but turned out to be a "wash" similar to old ladies purple wash for their grey hair. Two years ago I was able to take advantage of a store going out of business and purchased an ox from a LLadro subsidiary: Nao. All this from an interest in things Spanish. The whole nativity set has outgrown my mantle and finds itself on various surfaces throughout my living room. And ... in effect...that is ok. As the wise visitors from the East actually approach from the south since that is the direction my house sits. The donkey & cow sit near a manger in a barn (bought from the now defunct Gingham Goose a few years ago.) Small hay bales have appeared. Now I wonder if "el caganer" will arrive this year from Catalonia.


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