Happy Mother's Day: Mom Blogs on Patch

In celebration of Mother's Day tomorrow, we've gathered up our three best mom bloggers here. Bonus: We even have last-minute gift ideas!

We have some pretty great mom, and NotMom, bloggers on Patch. They give us sage advice, tell us funny stories and make other women feel like they're not alone in their struggle to raise decent children. 

Read what they have to share below:

Melissa Winger blogs about her son Will who has been diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome. It's such a rare diagnosis that she wants to educate as many people as she can about its existence and how she's coping with the challenges it brings. Read her blog posts here.

Devone writes about the trials and tribulations of raising four children and being a superstar mom at the same time. She shares laughter and tears in her blog here. 

Karen Malone Wright prides herself on being a NotMom: someone who is childless by choice. And who says NotMom's can't celebrate a day for strong women? Read her blog posts here. 

Need a last-minute Mother's Day present for your mom? Try these suggestions from blogger Colleen Walsh Fong. 


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