Want a Huge House? Check Out These Lakewood Homes for Sale

There are 10 with more than 3,500 square feet on the market now.

If you need a large house — or just like to dream about one — check out these houses listed for sale in Lakewood.

Each has more than 3,500 square feet and is listed on AOL Real Estate.

There are — count ‘em — 10 in Lakewood for sale.

We've got four pictured above, but check out the rest by clicking here.

Colin McHale May 16, 2012 at 02:50 PM
To the readers, be careful about the listings on AOL Real Estate - they're not always up to date! Always check with your REALTOR for the most up to the date listings. As an example from page one in this list: 15524 is not actively on the market, it has been pending since April 14th. 13417 Cliff has been pending since May 3rd. Want a list of up to date listings? Email me! colinmchale@howardhanna.com


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