Snapshot: Lakewood Plaza Clearing Out

Plans to invest millions in the plaza aren't enough to keep current businesses there afloat.

As renovations to Lakewood Plaza progress, retailers continue to close their storefronts there.

The latest is , slated to be closed on March 18, according to an employee.

It's no secret the national purveyor of movies and video games has been in financial trouble - last April it won it's claim for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, and in it announced the Lakewood location would be closing.

But the closing will leave another vacancy in the plaza, after Quizno's Subs, Sakura Japan, Four Seasons and have all left.

Only and Radioshack will remain in the plaza before millions of dollars and new tenants, including chain restaruant Quaker Steak and Lube, will be put into the renocations, which were approved by the Architectural Board of Review .


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