Onix Networking Adding Contracts, New Jobs in Lakewood

The Lakewood-based company will provide “cloud-based” services to 92,000 federal government users. It's also going to keep adding jobs.

with the US Department of the Interior.

With that, it could mean more jobs in Lakewood.

The company, which specializes in Google applications, will provide “cloud-based” services to 92,000 federal government users.

“We are exceedingly honored by this award and the opportunity to work on this exciting project with such an important agency as (the Department of the Interior),” said Onix CEO Tim Needles.

He also said the contract means more jobs in Lakewood, but he was hesitant to say exactly how many. 

When the company moved its headquarters from Westlake to Lakewood last year, there were about 25 positions.

One year later, there are nearly 45.

"Our organization has enough depth and skill set to accommodate any size project," said Needles.

Onix, a long-standing partner with Google, is one of only a handful of companies in the world authorized as a Google Premier Enterprise company.

In 2002, it was also the first.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday that the Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said shifting to a cloud-based email system will modernize the ways the agency does business and cut costs, amounting to "good government, plain and simple."

He added that the contract is part of an initiative to "leverage modern technology to save up to $500 million in taxpayer dollars by 2020."

The news may mean more growth for the Detroit Avenue company as it looks to expand into its nearly 40,000-square-foot location in the Georgetown Row half of the former  headquarters at the corner Detroit and Graber avenues.

“We’re here, we’re growing and we’re committed to being a part of this community,” said Diane Maloney, the company’s marketing director, said in February. “We keep expanding.”

Founded in 1992, that include cloud computing, geospatial information systems, Enterprise search, storage solutions and secure wireless solutions. The company's customers include Internet-giant Google and various levels of government.

janicehernandez May 07, 2012 at 10:29 AM
That' what High Speed Universities is all about, to further the education of students. They need more than a high school degree today, they need at least 2 years of college, preferrably 4, and then we're going to work with communities so they can grow economically and create more jobs for our young people


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