Lakewood's Spin Bike Shop Offering Fun and Fitness This Summer

With its wide selection of bicycles, in-house mechanics and bike club, Spin will get you riding and remind you how enjoyable cycling can be.

With summer just around the corner, now’s the perfect time to dust off that New Year’s resolution and get in shape. And if gym memberships or jogging don’t sound appealing, then head over to and give cycling a try. 

Spin Bike Shop — owned and operated by cycling enthusiasts — boasts a wide selection of road, racing, mountain and hybrid bikes, BMX’s and those everyday commuters. 

“You could spend some money on a bike here or get your old bike tuned up with new parts, but it won’t matter unless you have a goal in mind,” co-owner Brian Rybak said. “We sponsor cycling associations and have a club of our own that’ll enable you to get on a team that matches your abilities. Suddenly, you’re part of a network of local cyclists who will help to support your initiatives and goals.” 

From beginner to expert, Club Spin is split up into four teams, goes out on rides from March to October and allows cyclists to experience the roads, paths and terrains of the greater Cleveland area, co-owner Ray Wagner said. 

For those who want to go it alone or who want to get out with a few friends, the Cleveland Area Mountain Bike Association (www.camba.com) provides bike trail maps, driving directions and start up information for those looking to get into the sport, he said. 

“With high gas prices and because cycling is free and you can do it anywhere, it can be a means for commuting around town and can be a mode of exercise,” Wagner said. “We have cyclists, like myself, who ride year round because it’s simply a good time. Keep it enjoyable and pace yourself and your interest in the sport will grow.” 

To match various body types, Spin can retrofit bikes with parts to customize them to people’s height, weight, arm length and so on, and they can also have frames built that are uniquely crafted and designed to perfectly fit each rider, he added. 

Rob Thompson, a Spin bike mechanic who got into triathlons starting with a New Year’s resolution, encourages potential riders to give it a try, experience the freedoms of cycling and to assimilate with the culture of the sport. 

“Cycling attracts the kind of people that I find to be thoroughly enjoyable to ride and spend my time with,” Thompson said. “In many ways, the exercise is just a bonus. It’s the people who keep you interested and keep you riding.”


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