Lakewood Firm Finds Big Success With Little Devices

ProComSol, flying under the radar at the Lake Erie Screw Factory building, releases its new tablet to a global market.

High-tech devices, small enough to fit inside a small briefcase, are making a big difference in factories all over the world.

And they’re manufactured in Lakewood.

ProComSol, located in the , has released new technology — that company officials hope will change the way businesses operate.

The idea is to remotely monitor HART transmitters — usually found in factories — that measure pressure, flow and temperature. 

“Our products are the interface between these products and the PC,” said Jeff Dobos, president of ProComSol.

A few week’s ago, the firm introduced its COM-TABLET to the market.

Each ProComSol unit — including USB modem, tablet and software — sells for about $1,100.

The company’s customers include BP, Dow Chemical, Anheuser-Busch, Hershey’s chocolate, and city water departments.

Dobos launched the company in his Lakewood home in 2005.

“I was there for a couple years until I started hiring people, and I don’t think my wife wanted people in the house,” he said.

His first product was a USB modem.

When business outgrew the space in Dobos’ home, he moved the company into the Screw Factory in 2007. 

As the company continued to grow, ProComSol moved into a larger space on the second floor of the massive building last year.

“We have customers all over the world,” Dobos said.

For the most part, the company operates under the radar in Lakewood.

“We’re pretty quiet here,” said company salesman Jimmy Betts. “You wouldn’t know we’re here unless you delivered a pizza here.”

The company now employs five people — but keeps growing.

How does Dobos predict the business’s growth over the next few years?

“Huge,” he said with a smile. “We’re growing at a pretty good clip.”


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