Isaac Could Send Gas Prices Higher

Oil rigs in Gulf of Mexico, refineries in Gulf coast may be impacted by storm.

You may want to fill your gas tank today.

Gas prices are likely to be going up as a result of Tropical Storm Isaac, which the National Hurricane Center has predicted will become a hurricane today.

The blog GasBuddy.com reported Monday that 25 percent of the daily oil production had been shut down in the Gulf of Mexico.

And that's before the storm hit. Oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, and refineries along the Gulf coast, could be impacted or damaged by Isaac.

That means the whole country will be affected at the pump. GasBuddy predicted that gas prices will rise nationwide between 7 to 10 cents a gallon in the next 24 hours. This is just as we head into the Labor Day weekend, a weekend where many take to the roads for end-of-summer fun.

Lakewood Patch can help. Check our Commute feature to find the lowest gas prices in town. This morning, the Circle K Bunts Road and Lakewood Heights Boulevard was selling gas for $3.54 a gallon.

You can also use the feature to save gas by avoiding traffic trouble spots.


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